105 Dog Street is a abandoned town that was forgotten ever since their mayor was killed. This town still has residents who are alive and well. This is the town that nobody knows. It is 89 miles away from the Community City.





105 Dog Street used to be such a happy town until the year 2000. Many people died with an unknown cause, many children were orphaned or abandoned. The town is now forgotten and abandoned as it used to be the biggest town in the country.


  • Dog Street Elementary - A majority of the Teachers are adults.
  • Dog Street Middle School - 50% of the teachers are children and 50% of the teachers are adults.
  • Dog Street High School - 90% of the teachers are children while 10% are adults.
  • 105 All Girls School - All of the teachers are adults.
  • 105 All Boys School - All of the teachers are children.

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