Halt! This OC is owned by the great iDOLM@STER trash Gensomura!

Ask him for permission if you want to use the OC for your fanworks (e.g. Fanfictions).

Akari Unagiike
鰻池 緋李
Akari Unagiike - 鰻池緋李
Akari Unagiike's appearance.


July 16, 1995 (age 21)

Zodiac sign

Cancer (♋)

Blood type



  • Origami
  • Cooking
  • Cross-stitching


  • Ice cream vendor
  • Flight attendant (formerly)




Akari Unagiike (鰻池 緋李 Unagīke Akari?) is an OC created by Gensomura.


She is a top-notching cooker and ice cream lover. Back when she was 7, she bought various flavors of ice cream from her mom and wants to ate it much. She had a college experience in order to become a flight attendant when she was 17. However, she got retired from being flight attendant at the age of 20 and become an ice cream vendor—but someday she wanted to return as a flight attendant once again.

She usually likes eating sushi and other Japanese seafood meals, but she also ate burgers and hashbrowns from FanonTown Burgers—but her taste reaction is neutral.

In the fanons

The Misadventures of Nico Yazawa

She appears in the episode "I Scream for Ice Cream!", where she sells ice cream to the μ's—except for Nico Yazawa.

Kisekae Code



  • The character design is somewhat based on Akari Akaza's color scheme.

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