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Aki Taiyo
太陽 燦
Aki Taiyo





March 17, 2001 (Age 15)

Aki Taiyo (太陽 燦 Taiyō Aki?) is an OC by GensokyoAngel. She is Seitekina Taiyo and Irina Taiyo's 15-years old sister.


Aki is a timid but serious girl who is willing to do favors for her older siblings, however, she is almost never willing to do any lewd favors Seitekina Taiyo asks her. She still favors him over Atsuko Taiyo, though. She happens to be too way sweet to her siblings to the point that other people think she's obsessed with them. She also sometimes tries to take care of her siblings even when sick.


She happens to be a yandere for Seitekina Taiyo.


Seitekina Taiyo
Older brother, really favors him over Atsuko. Doesn't like when Seitekina asks her to do lewd favors, though.
Atsuko Taiyo
Older sister. While Aki really likes Atsuko, she still perfers Seitekina.
Ui Hirasawa
The two are best friends, with the two often talking how they're loyal to their older siblings.
Azusa Nakano
The two are friends, although Aki doesn't understand the motive why Azusa is often the subject of cat jokes.
Jun Suzuki
Good friends. Aki sometimes eats doughnuts with Jun.


Aki was born in March 17, 2001. As a toddler, she spent her time playing with her older siblings, Seitekina and Atsuko, developing a bond with them. Aki would often cry when her older siblings had to go to preschool, and usually becoming happy when they return. She began to do favors to her older siblings at the age of 5. At the age of 6, Aki wondered why Irina was mostly upset at Seitekina, but never asked her until she had the courage to do it. It was because Seitekina was becoming perverted, much to Aki's shock, Atsuko also told her to never accept Seitekina's lewd favors, scared of Aki becoming perverted because of Seitekina. As the years passed, Aki grew more and more dediciated to her older siblings, to the point other people thought Aki was becoming too way obsessed with Seitekina and Atsuko. She currently enrolls on Junior High since age of 12.






  • She is loosely based on Ui Hirasawa from K-ON!.
    • Her non-canon personality of being a yandere for Seitekina Taiyo is based on some fanworks of K-ON! where Ui Hirasawa is a yandere for Yui Hirasawa.
  • Her theme is Demystify Feast.