Amnesia is the 55th episode of The Misadventures of Nico Yazawa.


When Nico suddenly hits her head on the wall, she develops amnesia and cannot remember any people in the past.


The μ's


  • [The episode opens with Nico walking in the hallways of Otonokizaka High School with a blindfold]
  • Nico: "So, Rin, what should i do on this blind test?"
  • Rin: "Umm, run to the wall?"
  • [Nico runs to the wall with her blindfold on, but she hits her forehead on the wall, therefore, causing her to lose her memory]
  • Honoka: "NICO?!"
  • [Nico gets up]
  • Nico: "Hey! Who the hell is Nico?! GO AWAY YOU UNFAITHFUL CREEPS!"


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