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Aoikyodaina Uminooto
Aoikyodaina's casual clothes.


Aoi kyodai na Umi no oto




Daichi Souma


22 July

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All the visitors of Aero-Arcade


Mizuki Shinju

Aoikyodaina Uminooto (青い巨大な海の音 Aoi kyodai na Umi no oto?) (called Aoikyo-chan and Aoi-chan by friends, called Blueberry-chan by Daichi Souma) is an OC made by NyanTheCatAnimatronic and shared with Igor the Mii.


Aoikyodaina is a bit short. She has blue hair, pink eyes and a notable bust. She, sometimes, uses two hair clips in a heart-shaped form, to hold her hair in two buns. She wears a little black black blouse with an flower on it when home.


Aoikyodaina is considered strange, and no one really talk with her. Since the visitors of her family's arcade doesn't know that, they are her only friends. She loves playing RPG.


Aoikyodaina's family is a little bit complicated. All of them have strange names, like Namiwa Kyodaina Aoi Uminooto (great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather!) and they also have strange talents like great-great-great grandmother's ability to sing like a parrot or something. As she's trying to avoid her family's reputation, she feels like the culprit for her father's suicide, and promised to stay with her mother, (Kitakara Naminoone Uminooto), until her life passes away.

Her strange talent is to act and play RPG and other games extremely well. That's why she was the chosen one for running the Aero-Arcades (her family's arcade).

Her crush on Daichi started when the security mans asked for Aoikyodaina to punish Daichi severely because he entered, drank a lot, played all the games (drunk, he don't have the age to drink) and tried to leave without paying.

She asked him to follow her. In the path, he said 'thankfully, the owner is not a cranky old man, my mind expanded looking at such beautiful girl'. Aoikyodaina fell for him and instead of calling the police, she taked him to the restaurant and they talked alot. She is aware of Mizuki Shinju's crush on him.

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  • Her name, (あお)巨大(きょだい)(うみ)(おと) roughly translated as "The sound of the huge blue sea".