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Ask him for permission if you want to use the OC for your fanworks (e.g. Fanfictions).

Atsuko Taiyo
太陽 渥子
Atsuko Taiyo
Atsuko Taiyo.





Bisexual, but leans towards females.


September 19, 1998 (Age 18)

Personal cars

  • 1990 Honda CRX SiR (EF8)

Atsuko Taiyo (太陽 渥子 Taiyō Atsuko?) is an OC created by GensokyoAngel. She is Seitekina Taiyo's twin sister.


A serious, yet calm girl who loves kids and is really caring torwards her friends and family. She is loyal to people who like her, and people she is close to. Has a short temper and is easily embarassed. Will sometimes accidentally treat people she really likes poorly, but she deeply cares for them. She is annoyed by people whose are open with their perviness, like Seitekina Taiyo.

"Tsundere" describes her personality in a nutshell.

In the Community Plaza Fanon

She has confessed to Maki Nishikino on the episode Confession!


Seitekina Taiyo
Despite being her twin brother, she scolds him for being so openly perverted.
Iason Inabi
They get along well, Atsuko used to crush on Iason back on Junior High.

List of themes

♪ Last Remote (Touhou SA's Extra Stage BGM)

Kisekae Codes



  • Her name was originally "Irina Taiyo" (太陽 維李奈 Taiyō Irina?).

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