Aya Akiyama
穐山 阿哉
Aya Akiyama - 穐山阿哉
Aya Akiyama's appearance in Kisekae.





Aya Akiyama (穐山 阿哉 Akiyama Aya?) is an OC that belongs to Cirno2019.


Aya has long purple hair and purple eyes with a small blush. She is busty and wears a custom uniform with black stockings.


Aya is quite respectful towards everyone, she makes sure that nobody is left out in club+class activities. She can lose her temper easily and it's easy to get on her bad side.


Akira Akiyama
They are siblings, Aya is very protective of her.
Naomi Hoshino
They are best friends and childhood friends. Aya tries to give advice on Naomi's Senpai.
Haru Tamaki
They are good friends. They hang out once in a while.
Jason Miyamoto
Aya is unaware that he is a pervert and is friends with him.
Mika Miyamoto
Aya thinks that Mika is so adorable that she gave her the nickname "Mikan".
Terry Hoshino
Aya used to have a slight crush on him but she has gotten over it.
Aya tries not to disturb Mandy knowing that Mandy has a strange fetish of eroge novels.
Tawagoto Nico
They are great friends, Aya and Tawagoto usually talk about personal stuff.
They are great friends but Aya doesn't like it when Hazuki happens to listen in on Aya's conversations.
Haruhi Nico
Aya likes to give her candy and treat her like a average 8 year old.


  • Aya was named after the voice actress Aya Hirano. However, Aya Akiyama's given name is different kanji spelling (阿哉(あや)).
  • Aya is slighty based off Yuuko Nishi from the anime A Channel.
  • In Cirno's fanon, Aya is the president of the light music club.

Kisekae Code


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