Ayaka Ayamoto
綾本 蛙爺迦
Ayaka, the Princess of Community City.


Royal Monarchy of Community City





Ayaka Ayamoto (綾本 蛙爺迦 Ayamoto Ayaka?) is a Royal Monarch Princess of the Community City. She is created by MsYugioh123. In a fanfic by Sarah West, she gets captured by the Blue Meanies of Yellow Submarine. She also gets captured by some members of the League of High Class Villains, but is able to escape this time due to how smart she is. She will often report important news on Community Tower, and often helps Igor and his gang.


Ayaka has long beautiful blonde hair, with a blue band around her head. (It is said that it is her crown, but she always refuses the rumor, saying that she doesn't wear the real crown) and has deep blue eyes that turn brighter if sunny. She wears a long white dress with a blue lace tied around her hid.

Her spring/summer outfit is a white dress with light pink lace and angel wings connected to the back. She wears two white bows on her head. She will also sometimes carry around a dagger to protect herself and her people from the League of High Class Villains and the Blue Meanies.

Kisekae codes

※ The following code is the final version of her (see the second image on the § Gallery below.



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