• JessicaFin23

    I have made a list of character theme songs for my OCs. These songs remind you of those characters, which is why they're called "character theme songs" or "image songs". For some reason, Sarah West thought it would be a good idea for my OCs to have some character theme songs, so as I made those characters, I looked up some songs based on their backgrounds and personalities, and so far, I have some pretty good results, and some of those songs fit my OCs rather nicely. But keep in mind that not all of the OCs I make have a song, because sometimes I have a bit of trouble finding some songs that fit some of my characters.

    Here is the list.

    • Athena Tenebris - Magic by Coldplay
    • Crystalline Star - Immortals by Fall Out Boy
    • Twilight Thunderfoam - Compl…

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  • LenLawliet


    March 9, 2018 by LenLawliet

    Okay, so I'm new to this wiki. I looked through previous wiki's I visited and found this one. Upon investigating, I found out that drama from a previous wiki I am a former a member of had brought me here. So if I'm to understand, this wiki is just to make your own characters and just go from there? Sorry if I sound like a lost idiot. Picture is for attention.

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  • AmagiriShinmeiStyle12

    Well, hey, I guess I could start it here too lol

    Anyway, I am Yasuda Izumi and I propose a wiki-wide project with the Second Heaven's Holy Grail War of Fate/Providence!

    Here are the basic rules.

    There will be seventeen Masters and Servants, two Servants of each class. Providence is based off of Fate/Apocrypha! I have decided to allow Divine Spirits, that is gods and goddesses. However, only three Divine Spirits will be allowed and they must be Pseudo-Servants, that is summoned straight into the body of the Master.

    Divine Spirits are basically gods. Stretched across different mythologies, Divine Spirits could be anyone. The catalyst to summon a Divine Spirit Servant has to be something stronger than a normal catalyst. A normal catalyst could be s…

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  • PaperMarioFan2017

    So far, my Pokemons will beat yo asses!

    • Dark Fawful
    • Cirno
    • Dreamy Bowser
    • Bonetail
    • Shadoo
    • Wracktail
    • Shadow Queen


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  • PaperMarioFan2017
    1. Go to Dia's office.
    2. Place the contract on top of her desk
    3. When Dia says "No", shove Prune onto her mouth (She will have to take a huge crap in the bathroom)
    4. Sneakily write the contract before Dia comes again and fucks you up
    5. Run the fuck away from the Student Council Office
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  • PaperMarioFan2017
    • Love Live: School Idol Project (English Dub)


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  • PaperMarioFan2017
    • Honoka = Happy
    • Umi = Sleepy
    • Hanayo = Bashful
    • Maki = Grumpy
    • Rin = Dopey
    • Nozomi = Doc
    • Kotori = Sneezy (Can't Find someone who could suit Sneezy)
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  • PaperMarioFan2017
    • Honoka = Joy
    • Umi = Sadness
    • Nico = Anger
    • Maki = Disgust
    • Hanayo = Fear
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  • PaperMarioFan2017

    So far, I am going to start this rant in 3..2..1..0!

    The Sonic and Mario Fanbase are treating each other like motherfucking trash, I know Mario and Sonic used to hate each other once during the 90s, examples like Nintendo made a Harry Hedgehog enemy from Yoshi's Island as a mockery out of Sonic, but nowadays, Nintendo and SEGA starts treating each other like brothers and sisters, but does the fanbase get along? NO, they attempt to bring back the 90s rivalry, both of them are good franchises, but I prefer Mario since he never gets any love, and Sonic is OK to me.


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  • PaperMarioFan2017
    • Umi = Sonic
    • Maki = Knuckles
    • Eli = Tails
    • Ruby = Amy
    • Honoka = Cream
    • Nozomi = Big
    • Nico = Shadow
    • Dia = Rogue
    • Chika = Blaze
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  • Gensomura

    Because why not

    • Kogasa Tatara
    • Suika Ibuki
    • Morton (Super Mario)
    • Dia Kurosawa

    • Louise (Touhou Project)
    • Byakuren Hijiri
    • Lillie (Pokémon)
    • Seitekina Taiyo

    • Nue Houjuu
    • Sanae Kochiya
    • Tomoko Kuroki
    • Kazuto Kirigaya

    • Byakuren Hijiri
    • Seiga Kaku
    • Seitekina Taiyo
    • Setsuna (Fire Emblem)

    • Yukari Yakumo
    • Reimu Hakurei
    • Seitekina Taiyo
    • Honoka Kousaka

    • Yorihime
    • Cirno
    • Sayaka Miki
    • Kyoko Sakura

    • Mugetsu
    • Seitekina Taiyo
    • Eli Ayase

    • Tenshi Hinanawi
    • Seitekina Taiyo
    • Konata Izumi

    • Eiki Shiki
    • Komachi Onozuka
    • Eli Ayase
    • Nozomi Toujou

    • Sariel (Touhou Project)
    • Mystia Lorelei
    • Azura (Fire Emblem)
    • Iason Inabi
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  • FlandreAndTakane333

    Why OCs are cute

    February 12, 2017 by FlandreAndTakane333

    1. They are anime

    2. Anime is cute

    3. It gives you the feeling that you want to pat them on the head

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  • A Social Construct

    Greetings, none of you are familiar with me


    You may be familiar with my brother "Lemon Atheist" and my cousin "Ralf Hat", to make a long story short my brother showed me this whole drama and stated something along the lines of "Look at this idiot" it peaked my interest so I would like to know what's it all about.

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  • Gensomura

    Insomnia again...

    February 2, 2017 by Gensomura

    in my FIRST day of school on this year!

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  • PaperMarioFan2017

    So far, I am gonna start this rant. The Sonic Fanbase is fucking cancer like the fucking FNAF, Undertale, MLP, and SU Fanbase, the fans here are very mean towards Mario fans cause of Sonic, that's a fucking bad reason! People of the Sonic Fanbase, stop hating on Mario fans and just move on!

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  • PaperMarioFan2017

    This is my SML Parody Cast.

    • Yuki Mizushima as Bowser Junior
    • Senkan Wanibe as Chef Pee Pee
    • Haru Doi as Joseph
    • Alex Coppola as Cody
    • Nico Yazawa as Black Yoshi
    • Mr. Mizushima as Bowser
    • Ana Coppola as Katy
    • Mr. Coppola as Tyrone "Calvin" Nutkiss
    • Mrs. Coppola as Judy "Calvin" Nutkiss
    • Kazuto Kirigaya as Mario
    • Asuna Yuuki as Rosalina
    • Run Momoki as Jeffy


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  • PaperMarioFan2017
    • Yuki Mizushima as Spongebob Squarepants
    • Litten as Gary the Snail
    • Haru Doi as Patrick Star
    • Senkan Wanibe as Squidward Tentacles
    • Rin Hoshizora as Sandy Cheeks
    • O'Chunks as Mr. Krabs
    • Baikinman as Plankton
    • Umi Sonoda as Karen
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  • PaperMarioFan2017

    Guess what it is!

    • Paper Yuki: The Thousand Year Door
    • Haru's Mansion
    • Super Yuki 64
    • Kazuto Kong 64
    • Paper Yuki
    • Super Yuki Sunshine
    • Yuki-Flandroozie
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  • Gensomura

    Because i am bored.

    • Honoka Kousaka Haruka Amami: Both are main protags of their origin animes.
    • Umi Sonoda Chihaya Kisaragi: Slimar personalites, slimar appearence as well same hair color and eye color.
    • Hanayo Koizumi Takane Shijou: A big eater.
    • Ruby Kurosawa Yukiho Hagiwara: Overly timid.
    • Rin Hoshizora Makoto Kikuchi: Both are tomboys.
    • Rin Hoshizora Hibiki Ganaha: Both like animals.
    • Maki Nishikino Iori Minase: Both are rich tsunderes.
    • Kotori Minami Azusa Miura: MOTHERFUCKING CINNAMON ROLLS
    • Nozomi Toujou Miki Hoshii: A part of their personality has to do with their bust. (Nozomi's charm point being her bust and Miki bragging about her bust)
    • Eli Ayase  Ritsuko Akizuki: Sometimes acts like a leader.
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  • PaperMarioFan2017

    Guess Who's Back?

    January 13, 2017 by PaperMarioFan2017
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  • Gensomura

    It's time to say this.

    Though the past 6 or so months, a fad who i call "Nico Torture", which is basically anything bad happening to Nico Yazawa, occured due to the old TMONY, due to the way Pingy portrayed Nico. Nico Yazawa did tons of bad stuff, hence bad stuff occuring to her too, this is called Karma.

    2 or so months later, Yuki Mizushima was also involved into the torture gag. I dubbed it as "Yuki Torture" at the spot. Basically every time Yuki did something perverted, his stuff was sold to BOOK-OFF. It eventually expanded to Yuki basically existing in general. That is, until Alex began to rant about all of these problems. In other words, he acted like the "boss" of us, trying to reduce the fads. While they have reduced, it still occurs.


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  • Dr3amyDr3amyWa1fu NODD

    Is anyone glad that 2016 is going to be over? Because I sure as hell am!!

    Also, tomorrow is my 14th Birthday. Double yay!!

    -Yume "Dr3amy" Tanaka Shinguuji

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  • PaperMarioFan2017

    Super Mario AU

    December 20, 2016 by PaperMarioFan2017
    • Yuki Mizushima as Mario
    • Haru Doi as Luigi
    • Pinkie Pie as Yoshi
    • Trixie Lulamoon as Kamek
    • Zavok as Bowser
    • Diamond Tiara as Bowser Junior
    • Flandre Scarlet as Princess Peach
    • Eli Ayase as Rosalina
    • Rin Hoshizora as Princess Daisy
    • Nyx as Kammy Koopa

    • Magnet Bomber as Ludwig Von Koopa
    • Brain Bomber as Larry Koopa
    • Golem Bomber as Morton Koopa Jr
    • Zomom as Roy Koopa
    • Plasma Bomber as Lemmy Koopa
    • Zazz as Iggy Koopa
    • Pretty Bomber as Wendy O. Koopa


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  • PaperMarioFan2017
    • Paper Mario: Color Splash
    • Super Mario Hot Wheels
    • Birthday Money

    That's all

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  • PaperMarioFan2017

    So, here are the lists of the Fanbases I hate!

    • Sonic
    • Steven Universe
    • Rick & Morty
    • Star VS. The Forces of Evil
    • Gravity Falls
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  • Gensomura

    Discord Rules

    December 11, 2016 by Gensomura


    -- Updated as of 12/11/2016 --

    1. Profanity is allowed in our Discord server, but please don't overuse curse words in a short period of time. Don't use it aganist other people either.
    2. Respect other users. They have feelings just like you do! So no harassing, insulting, or bullying other users. (No you can't rant about other users either, it is possible they'd find out and they'd be upset.)
      • Exposing anyone with the intention of harming their reputation will lead to a ban.
      • There is no justification in insulting, harassing or bullying another user.
    3. Overly NSFW content is not permitted outside of the nsfw channels. Seriously. If you need to post something NSFW to someone, post it on their PMs or on #nsfw. (What's fi…

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  • PaperMarioFan2017
    • Say that she's the Donald Trump of Uranohoshi Girls' High School.
    • Tell everyone that she is a complete derp like Eli.
    • Shove a Muse figurine down her throat.
    • Tell everyone that she is a School Idol hater.
    • Piss Dia off multiple times to form a School Idol Club.
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  • Mikan is cute

    I've been reading Cody's elimination series so far, and I've been thinking about making my own elimination series.

    It's going to be different than Cody's, with the usual changes like challenges and a different cast, but also with other changes that aren't so usual.

    So... should I do it?

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  • Dr3amyDr3amyWa1fu NODD

    I'm having NDRV3 issues at the moment.

    No, I didn't pay much attention to the Tenko (The Feminist), or the Maki (Kirigiri 2.0) or the Kirumi (Peko 2.0), but to the child. (The new "Nagito", Army Introvert Gundham) Now I'm seeing why Maingout hate me. (I'm too overly attached)

    -Yume "Dr3amy" Tanaka Izayoi Shinguuji

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  • PaperMarioFan2017

    It begins!

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  • PaperMarioFan2017
    • Tie a rope around a Giant Boulder.
    • Lift the rope with the Boulder
    • Put someone's favorite food under the floating Boulder. (Examples like Eli's favorite food Chocolate)
    • Wait for someone to consume their favorite food.
    • Let go of the rope to make the Giant Boulder land on that person.
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  • PaperMarioFan2017

    10/10 Funny Scenes, Tamatoa's Shiny song was very funny.

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  • Gensomura

    Personal pairings i made

    November 18, 2016 by Gensomura

    I'm bored so

    • Iason Inabi x Azura (Fire Emblem) (Because both are related to water)
    • Hibari x Chinatsu Yoshikawa (both have slimar color patterns)
    • Koyuki Himekawa x Satori Komeiji (Slimar designs, aleast head-wise imo)
    • Seitekina Taiyo x Kagero (Fire Emblem Fates) 
    • Haruta Kamijou x Eli Ayase (Blonde hair and blue eyes, despite the fact Haruta is homosexual)
    • Haruta Kamijou x Len Kagamine (same reason as above)
    • Koakuma x Suguha Yuuki (Suguha was based on Koakuma, design-wise...)
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  • PaperMarioFan2017
    • Larry Koopa X Yoshiko Tsushima
    • Ludwig Von Koopa X Umi Sonoda
    • Lemmy Koopa X Cocoro Yazawa
    • Morton Koopa X Dia Kurosawa
    • Bowser Jr X Nico Yazawa
    • Roy Koopa X Ruby Kurosawa
    • Bowser X Maki Nishikino
    • Iggy Koopa X Hanayo Koizumi
    • Wendy O Koopa X Chinatsu Yoshikawa
    • Kamek X Nyx
    • Kirito X Takumi
    • Rin Hoshizora X Lemmy Koopa
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  • Dr3amyDr3amyWa1fu NODD

    I've shown very little to no activity. I've been too damn busy with exam preparations and crap like that.

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  • Gensomura

    Insomnia, that's why. AGAIN. 

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  • PaperMarioFan2017

    • Be an attention whore
    • Be selfish
    • Shove your almighty "Nico-Nico-Nii" towards everyone's fucking faces
    • Say "Fuck you" to Eli Ayase
    • Make your goal of becoming an idol too MOTHERFUCKING hard for everyone
    • Talk fucking smack to Honoka Kousaka
    • Dont listen to Umi Sonoda
    • Bully Kotori Minami
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  • Mikan is cute

    So, the "challenge" is to create 6 kisekae characters based off of the protagonist from shows you watched as a kid. You don't have to create a new page for them, this is just for fun.

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  • Gensomura
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  • PaperMarioFan2017
    • Yuki Mizushima as Ace Bunny
    • Haru Doi as Danger Duck
    • Flandre Scarlet as Lexi Bunny
    • Metal Sonic as Tech E. Coyote
    • Sonic as Rev Runner
    • Morton Koopa (Good Version) as Slam Tasmanian
    • Shadow the Hedgehog as Ophiucus Sam
    • Keaton as Pierre Le Pew
    • Bonnie (Pokemon) as The Royal Tweetums
    • Baikinman as Melvin the Martian
    • Mushibakinman as Sergeant Sirius
    • Dark Sawako Yamanaka as Queen Grannicus
    • M. Bison as Sagittarius Stomper
    • Wattson as Mr. Leghorn
    • Nico Yazawa as Sylth Vester
    • Mr. Badd as Electro J. Fudd
    • Scratch and Grounder as Stoney and Bugsy
    • Dark Senkan Wanibe as Pinkster Pig
    • Zavok as Gorlop
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  • Satisfactiøn


    November 9, 2016 by Satisfactiøn

    hi im joining gnes

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  • PaperMarioFan2017
    • Yuki Mizushima as Bugs Bunny
    • Haru Doi as Daffy Duck
    • Senkan Wanibe as Porky Pig
    • Sanae Kochiya as Petunia Pig
    • Morton Koopa as Tasmanian Devil
    • Shadow the Hedgehog as Yosemite Sam
    • Mr. Badd as Elmer Fudd
    • M. Bison as Shropshire Slasher
    • Kammy Koopa as Shropshire Slasher's Mother
    • Zangief as Crusher
    • Sonic the Hedgehog as Roadrunner
    • Metal Sonic as Wile E. Coyote
    • Bonnie (Pokemon) as Tweety
    • Midbus as Hector the Bulldog
    • Nico Yazawa as Sylvester
    • Cocoro Yazawa as Sylvester Jr.
    • Sawako Yamanaka as Granny
    • Marisa Kirisame as With Lezah/Hazel
    • Rom and Ram as Mac and Tosh
    • Scratch and Grounder as Rocky and Mugsy
    • Flandre Scarlet as Lola Bunny
    • Nodoka Haramura as Tina Russo
    • Magnet Bomber as Marvin the Martian
    • Bomber Woof as K9
    • Kabirunrun as Instant Martians
    • Wattson as Foghorn Leghorn
    • Duck H…
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  • Gensomura

    Because wynaut?



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  • Dr3amyDr3amyWa1fu NODD

    Now that the DR3 cast's Birthdays are revealed, I'm doing this. Here's the whole list:

    • Chisa Yukizome: Pour blood on Chojo Tekina. (May 3rd)
    • Daisaku Bandai: Yui Rio Restrains You. (Apr 10th)
    • Great Gozu: Pour blood on Sora Sosuke. (May 8th)
    • Kazuo Tengan: Go to the Same Class as Kuu Dere. (Jan 17th)
    • Seiko Kimura: Become a Delinquent with Sora Sosuke. (Jun 8th)
    • Sonosuke Izayoi: Framed Kokona Haruka. (Feb 20th)
    • Koichi Kizakura: Kill Yuna Hina. (Sep 29th)
    • Juzo Sakakura: Mei Mio Restrains You. (Apr 14th)
    • Ruruka Ando: Dismember Kokona Haruka. (Nov 20th)
    • Kyousuke Munakata: Kokuma Jutsu Calls the Police on you. (Aug 22nd)
    • Ryota Mitarai: Senpai Calls the Police on you. (Aug 30th)


    -Yume "Dr3amy" Tanaka.

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  • Igor the Mii

    Community HTT

    July 12, 2016 by Igor the Mii
    • >Me as Ritsu Tainaka
    • Pingy as Yui Hirasawa
    • Brook as Tsumugi Kotobuki
    • Oliver as Mio Akiyama
    • Dr3amy as Azusa Nakano
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  • Pingy Animatronic
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  • LinuxFan399

    Tried to digging up with the OCs written in Japanese (it has furigana too). Yep, these photos are captured from a hotel room.

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  • YutaAsahina

    Me trying to get revenge on Stickman8463 for all the crap he did to me, the anime and manga characters he has ruined with GM Cars, and all the innocent users on Roblox and Google+ he has bullied.

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  • Dr3amyDr3amyWa1fu NODD

    Here's the link to my YanSim Birthday Scenario:

    Let's get this started shall we!?

    • Makoto Naegi: Framed Koharu Hinata. (Feb 5th)
    • Kyouko Kirigiri: Summon a Demon with Yandere-chan. (Oct 6th)
    • Sayaka Maizono: Slap Shima Shita (Jul 7th)
    • Leon Kuwata: Go to the same class as Chojo Tekina. (Jan 3rd)
    • Chihiro Fujisaki: Confess to Mei Mio. (Mar 14th)
    • Mondo Owada: Become a Delinquent with Hayato Haruki (Jun 9th)
    • Hifumi Yamada: Send an email to Sota Yuki. (Dec 31st)
    • Kiyotaka Ishimaru: Sota Yuki calls the police on you. (Aug 31st)
    • Celestia Ludenberg: Dismember Supana Churu. (Nov 23rd)
    • Sakura Ogami: Kill Budo Masuta. (Sep 13th)
    • Junko Enoshima and …

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  • Dr3amyDr3amyWa1fu NODD

    It's HALFWAY THROUGH THE YEAR!!! (June 16th)

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