Bloodshed Camp is a fanfiction by Igor the Mii. It is based on WHODUNNIT and Scream Queens. There will be 6 Survivors.



  1. Seitekina Taiyo
  2. Eli Ayase (Leader)
  3. Nozomi Toujou (Co-Leader)
  4. Sans
  5. Toothy
  6. Len Kagamine
  7. Rin Kagamine
  8. Asgore
  9. Toriel
  10. Rin Hoshizora
  11. Honoka Kousaka
  12. Umi Sonoda
  13. Kotori Minami
  14. Irina Taiyo
  15. Nina Inabi
  16. Cuddles (Killed in the first challenge.)
  17. Sniffles
  18. Peashy
  19. Neptune
  20. Papyrus
  21. Mettaton
  22. Alphys
  23. Fawful
  24. Midori Gurin


  • ??? (Spoilers! Also Undecided.)


[Chart will be placed here.]

Chart Key

Color Meaning
WINNER This character was the challenge's winner, and as a result, he/she wasn't in chance of dying.
Lives This character was the challenge's loser and wasn't in a chance of dying, but didn't die, nor was injuried.
Attacked This person was attacked by the killer, but escaped alive.
Spotted This character has spotted the killer.
Injured This character was injured by the killer but didn't die.
DIES This character was killed by the killer.
DIES This character is killed by another person who wasn't the killer, commited suicide or died by natural causes.
WINS This character had succesfully escaped the camp successfully.
Allies/Betrayal This character allies with the Killer.
This character is no longer alive.
Lives This character does not appear in the challenge, but is still alive.
Unsettled This character's fate will be decided after the challenge.




  • Pingy Animatronic for suggesting a character! (Fawful)
  • Cody for inspiration, and suggesting some characters. (Midori Gurin, Sans, Toothy)


Challenge One

A Group of 24 people were heading to a camp as part of losing a dare. 

"W-we shouldn't have lost the dare!" Seitekina said.

"No, Seitekina, it's your fault we couldn't win this dare!" Len Kagamine yelled at Seitekina. The group finds the camp they were heading to. "Community Camp?" Seitekina asked. 

"Yes, we're going to be there for a few days as part of the dare." Eli said.

"The heart of the cards say nothing bad will happen there." Nozomi said as she held up her wise card. The group walks into Community Camp, and much by their suprise, they find a house.

"a house in a forest? who would build houses in the forest?" Sans questioned. 

"Excuse me Sans, but Snowdin was bulit near a forest." Seitekina said.

"WE HAVE FURY!!!" Fawful shouted.

"Uhhh...What..." Umi Sonoda questioned.

"Maybe i'll manage to find materials in the forest?" Kotori said to herself. The group enters the house.

"E-Eli? I'll be in the same room as you..." Seitekina said.

"W-what...? Okay..." Eli responded to Seitekina. She and Seitekina go to their room, while the others look at TV on the living room. "E-eli...I have to confess!" Seitekina said, shyly.

"What?" Eli asked.

"I...I Lo-" Seitekina said, before being interrupted by a loud sceam. "What the heck was that?!" Seitekina looked on the window of the room, and saw some blood and what seemed to be Cuddles's corpse.

"Is that a c-corpse...." Seitekina said before fainting.

"SEIT-KUN!" Eli screamed. Papyrus walked in and saw Seitekina in the ground. "ELI, WHY SEITEKINA IS ON THE GROUND!?" He questioned.

"He fainted, Papyrus!" Eli said to Papyrus.