This OC is owned by one and only Brook. Ask her for permission if you want to use this OC for your fanons!

Chinmoku Hiroe
広重 狆杢
Chinkoku Hiroe
Chinmoku Hiroe in Kisekae.


December 17, 1998 (age 18)
Shikabe, Hokkaido, Japan


Sagittarius (♐)





Her nightmares



Chinmoku Hiroe (広重 狆杢 Hiroe Chinmoku?) is a Japanese OC created by Brook.


Chinmoku has beige hair color with sea green highlights and a rose clip. Her eye color is light green and skin color is slightly tan. Her turtleneck is navy with the sleeves rolled up revealing the white inside, and the pant and sandals are a shade of lavender. She carries around plum colored case that holds her tablet and her art supplies.


Chinmoku is a quiet girl who suffers from Anxiety Disorder, making her feel more comfortable in her home. She is interested in studying the human body, mostly the reproducing system, and is mistaken to be a pervert because of that. She has Acrophobia, Pediophobia, and Somniphobia.


Her main hobbies is crafting and drawing, mostly of fictional places, including ones she made up. Her other hobbies included sleeping, playing games, listening to music and reading.

Likes and Dislikes


Chinmoku enjoys a variety of art styles, mostly realistic, and often spends her free time looking up artworks of her favorite characters. Fantasy and Sci-fi are her favorite genres for video games and books, but she has enjoyed murder mystery before. Her favorite food is boiled lobster and is very fond of Hot coco.


Due to her Pediophobia, she seems to have a strong disliking to dolls and marionettes, even though surprisingly she loves fictional versions of them. She hates it when she's in a room with more than 40 people and tries to avoid assembles at her school. She also have a strong disliking for fish and bitter foods.


Amber Sunbeam

Finds her fascinating, not because of her species, but because of how she can still keep a happy personality even after all she's been through. Is close friends with her.

Kisekae code



  • "Chinmoku" is the Japanese word for "Silence", referring to her quiet personality

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