Community Bonékas! (コミュニティボネカス! Komyuniti Bonekasu!?) is a fictional game by Igor the Mii, based on Touhou Puppet Play (A Touhou-themed Pokémon hack).



  • Chibi Igor (Fire/Light)
  • Chibi Pingy (Ice/Steel)
  • Chibi Brook (???/???)

Route 1

  • Chibi Saya Umari (Heart)
  • Chibi Rin Hoshizora (Normal/Sound)

Route 2


Puppet League

Gym Leaders

Gym Leader 1: A-RISE Members Tsubasa KiraErena Toudou and Anju Yuuki (Type: Sound)

  • Lv. 13 Chibi Honoka Kousaka (Sound/Void)
  • Lv. 16 Normal Tsubasa Kira (Illusion/Sound)

Elite Four

3rd Elite Member Pingy Animatronic

Champion Igor the Mii

  • Lv. 71 Speed Mokou (Fire)
  • Lv. 72 Advent Asriel Dreemurr (Light/Fire)
  • Lv. 74 Speed Rika (Steel/Fire)
  • Lv. 76 Assist Hanayo Koizuimi (Sound/Void)
  • Lv. 76 Speed Momiji (Steel/Fighting)
  • Lv. 78 Last Words Medicine Taiyo (Light/Poison)

Differences from Original Touhoumon

  • All types from original Pokémon, Touhoumon and Touhou Puppet Dance Performance were added into a single type chart.
  • Evolutions are a mix of Touhou Puppet Play's (Chibi to Either Attack, Helper, Defense, Speed, Technical, Advent and Normal/Balanced) and Touhoumon (Chibi -> Normal -> EX -> Last Words, a trade evolution)


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