Danmaku Fest!! 1 (弾幕フェスト!!1 Danmaku Fesuto!! 1?) is a fictional Touhou Project Fangame by Igor the Mii.


It's the first Danmaku Fest of the year 201X, and two of Gensokyo's heroine's are challenged to a Danmaku Battle with 6 different characters, with 3 of them depending on which heroine and which shot type they use.

Playable Characters

  • Reimu Hakurei [Reimu-A and Reimu-B]
  • Marisa Kirisame [Marisa-A and Marisa-B]


  • Stage 1 Boss: Rumia & Wriggle Nightbug
  • Stage 2 Boss: Mystia LoreleiParsee Mizuhashi, Noire and Iason Inabi
  • Stage 3 Boss: Cirno
  • Stage 4 [Reimu-A and Marisa-B] Boss: TBA
  • Stage 4 [Marisa-A and Reimu-B] Boss: TBA
  • Stage 5 [Reimu-A and Marisa-B] Boss: Yuuka Kazami
  • Stage 5 [Marisa-A and Reimu-B] Boss: Rika
  • Final Stage [Reimu-A and Marisa-B] Boss: Vert
  • Final Stage [Marisa-A and Reimu-B] Boss: Hanayo Koizumi

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