Driller Engine

Original author(s)

Hiroshi Takajima


Drillimation Studios

Initial Release

Driller Engine 1.0, May 26, 1986

Stable Release

Driller Engine Ultimate 3.0, January 4, 2016

Written in


Operating system

Microsoft Windows
Mac OS X

Available in

Japanese, Chinese, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Korean, Russian, Italian


Optional, license required to export to consoles

Whether you are an independent programmer or a top-notch studio, Driller Engine was created for the business you built.

–Official tagline from the Driller Engine website

The Driller Engine (ドリラーエンジン Dorirā Enjin?) game engine is a video game development engine created by Drillimation Studios for use with businesses and indie game developers.


The program was originally titled Drillimation Anime Studio in 1985 for making anime animations quickly and easily. The name was changed to Driller Engine after the Namco accusation in November 1985.

Driller Engine is designed to let users make formerly 2D, and 3D games without having to learn a complex programming language like C++ or Java through its drag-and-drop interface called Drilliscript. These icons represent actions that would occur in a game, such as movement, basic drawing, and simple control structures.

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