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Elise is a Cheerful Girl, Who Loves Her Foster Father, & One of the Characters from Pearl Harbor (2001), Danny Walker, She Also Loves Disney, Woody Woodpecker and Other Walter Lantz Cartoons, and anime. However, Elise Often Gets Upset When Pearl Harbor Get Attacked again or When People Bullying her, Warren T Rat Loves To Offend and Upset Elise, and Because of This, Elise Hates Him. She also Works For The Military With Her Friends at Pearl Harbor 75 Years after The Attacks!
Kisekae military by prime316-d7uoghe

That's Elise (Almost To The Right) Saluting in Her Sailor Outfit, With Friends Named: April (Far Left), Marley (Almost To The Left), Irene (Left), Florence (Right), and Kendall (Far Right)

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