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Flash Sentry & Shining Armor: Paper Jam is a game based on Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, being a crossover off of My Little Pony.


Oh no! Paper ponies are landing into Equestria! thanks to Shining Armor, and it's up to Flash and Shining Armor to put things back to normal!

Intro Transcript






The Cast

  • Flash Sentry and Paper Flash Sentry is Mario and Paper Mario
  • Shining Armor and Paper Shining Armor is Luigi and Paper Luigi
  • Twilight and Paper Twilight is Peach and Paper Peach
  • Tirek and Paper Tirek is Bowser and Paper Bowser
  • Trixie and Paper Trixie is Kamek and Paper Kamek
  • Diamond Tiara and Paper Diamond Tiara is Bowser Jr and Paper Bowser Jr
  • Spike is Yoshi
  • Mare Do Well is Nabbit
  • AppleBloom is Toad
  • Sweetie Belle is Toadette