Cody as himself. Later Sans.

Paul as Igor the Mii

Papyrus as himself.

Sans as himself.

Kayla as Toriel and Chara.

Scary Voice as Flowey

Pingy, Oliverwestern, Asgore, and Frisk also appear, but they're silent.


  • Cody was sick in the middle of voicing himself, so he was replaced by Sans
  • A drawing of Nova and 73 next to him is on the fridge


  • [Cut to the GoGang HQ]

Cody: "Guys, I found this magic mirror thingy."

Igor: "Nice. What does it do?"

Cody: "Hmm.. Not sure, let's gaze in the mirror."

(Cody and Igor gaze in the mirror and it turns to the undertale universe)

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