Hana Isuzu
鈴 華


Hana Isuzu (五十鈴 華 Isuzu Hana?) is a Girls und Panzer character.


Hana is a gentle, soft, relatively quiet girl; only in rare occasions she lets her emotion get the better of her (for example, when regaining consciousness after being knocked unconscious during the practice match). She is shown as highly loyal to her friends, having no fears, together with Saori, of standing up for Miho when she was being pressured to join the fledging Sensha-Dou team. In spite of her polite manners, Hana is capable of putting her foot down when she feels she is doing the right thing, as she showed when she refused to heed her mother's orders to forsake Sensha-Dou, despite her love and respect for her. Despite being all but disowned by her mother, she nevertheless maintained her happy, positive outlook, not showing any particular sign of distress or grief.

Her hobby is Ikebana; while she is highly skilled in such an activity, she felt like there was something missing, and that her style lacked strength. She took up Sensha-Dou because she felt it might have given her what she lacked, and in the end she is proven right, having come up with a style that couples the previous cleanliness and neat order with her Sensha-Dou derived strength and boldness (as her own mother admitted).

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