Hikari Sato
佐当 洸
Hikari Satō - 佐当洸
Hikari Sato in Kisekae.

Zodiac Sign



May 5th


Hikari Sato (佐当 洸 Satō Hikari?) is the little sister of Hikkamori Sato.


Hikari has long black hair. She has green eyes and she wears striped stockings and panties to follow her Family Tradition. She often wears a blazer.


Hikari usually denies her feelings about something she likes, such as Doraemon or Keroro Gunso. She goes full tsundere when being complimented about her figure. Hikari hates photos.

Hikari is usually more mature than her sister, Hikkamori Sato.

Hikari is Asexual.


  • She only lives with her sister Hikkamori Sato.
  • Hikari has no interests in relationships.
  • Hikari was named after the song 「ヒカリへ」 ("Hikari e"). However, her given name is written in kanji: (ひかり) (meaning "sparkling water").
  • Hikari's surname was named after the main character of Welcome to the NHK. However, her surname has a different kanji spelling: ()(とう).
  • Hikari is slightly based off Yūko Nishi from A Channel.
  • Hikari is always harassed by her friends and sister.
  • KawaiiTohru thinks that her theme would be 「ヒカリへ」 and "Morning Arch".



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