Jigen Kuchiku-kan
Request for Pingy


The possessed citizens (as her minions), Cody (one-sided)


Everyone in Community City

Jigen Kuchiku-kan (次元駆逐艦?) is a dimension destroyer who wanted to destroy Community City.

In Fanon

She is a stronger evil of Community City who wants to dominate the dimension and it's citizens, especially the League of High Class Villains, which she was once a part of, and is the true main antagonist of Community Plaza: The Series in Season 2 and onwards.


  • Possessed Citizens of Community City.

Kisekae Code



Taking over the world is like Taking candy from a baby!!!
I must finish you like mashed potatoes!!!
We must duel like dueling dragons on the skies!!!



  • Her personality and appearance is similar to both Bill Cipher and Dimentio's from Gravity Falls and Super Paper Mario.
    • They possess one of the main characters, Bill for Dipper, Dimentio for Luigi, and Jigen for Pingy.
    • They both betray the false main villains, Count Bleck for Dimentio, Lil Gideon for Bill, and Insaneriebiru Reedi for Jigen.
    • They all have seemingly unlimited power, but can be defeated.
    • They all have the ability to float.
  • It is unknown how Jigen lost her right eye.
  • Her design was created by Igor the Mii.
  • Jigen is never seen walking or standing but float.