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Junko Enoshima
江ノ島 盾子
Junko Enoshima - 江ノ島盾子
Junko herself along with Monokuma.


Despair Junko





Junko Enoshima (江ノ島 盾子 Enoshima Junko?) is the main antagonist of DanganRonpa character. She is the ultimate fashionista/despair.

In Fanons

Community Plaza Fanon

She is a Protagonist.

She is Junko's bestie. She works at Community Café. She lives in room 666 at Community Hotel.

She is also one of Igor's waifus.

In season 2 if Community Plaza: The Series, she tells Igor that the League of High Class Villains asked her to join because she was the main antagonist of DanganRonpa, and that she could cause despair, she says next that she decline the offer, because she had already settled in as a hero than a villain in Community City.

YutaAsahina's Fanon