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A screenshot of a Google Image Search results page (as of November 7, 2016). The screenshot involves of searching for Setsuna Taiyo's name in Japanese (太陽 切奈) as their search keyword. She claims that she is a "big eater" and a basketball player -- based on the relevant results presenting the photos of food and basketball players from NBA.

Kanji naming lookup is a semi-trend where users looking up their Japanese names of the Yandere Simulator character and OCs that are written in the native Japanese writing system (consisting of hiragana, katakana and kanji) via image search engines (particularly Google).


On June 24, 2016, Megy Teckhonia posted a screenshot of Google Images via Creation Wiki. The screenshot, involves looking up Katori Shinami's name in native Japanese script (斯波 華禽). This was the first screenshot to present images on what she is, based on their images. Because the kanji are actually the Chinese characters for Japanese, most of the image results are in Chinese as a top priority (if outside Google Japan).

On August 30, 2016, GensokyoAngel made an original character named Setsuna Taiyo at the FanonLand Wiki. But what this has to do with anything? Megy Teckhonia edited said page to insert on naming her in Japanese (太陽 切奈). When he looked up on Google Images with her kanji name as a search keyword, posted a screenshot on the said article's comment section -- claiming that Setsuna Taiyo is a basketball player and a big eater, which is based on the image results (Which was mostly images of foods and certain basketball players).


Nihon Fanon Wiki - Kanji Naming Lookup (Demo)04:00

Nihon Fanon Wiki - Kanji Naming Lookup (Demo)

This screencast video shows how the kanji naming lookup works when searching their OCs' kanji name on Google Image Search.

The trend is basically when a user is right-clicking the highlighted text in kanji, then clicks the "Search Google for '[character name in kanji]'" (if using Google Chrome) from a certain page of a Yandere Simulator character or an original character, and finally goes to the Google Image Search results.

The character's trait from their kanji is based on the image results of what he/she is. For example, the original character Riina Taida (紿田 吏鮪楠) claims that she is a big eater because the photos are mostly sushi and other Asian food. Note that the image search engines' results will be changed overtime from the server, and these are usually headcanons.

List of examples

Here are the examples of what headcanons the OCs are, based on the image search results (provided by Google, the results may be change overtime).

Char. img. Character name
(kanji in parentheses)
OC creator Image(s) mainly found Headcanon outcome Image result link Screenshot
Setsuna Taiyo Setsuna Taiyo
(太陽 切奈)
  • NBA basketball players
  • Pictures of food
She is a basketball player and a "big eater". Google Image Search Setsuna Taiyo Kanji
Junko Achisage Junko Achisage
(頞作気 筍子)
  • Pictures of food
She is a "big eater" -- She also she is dubbed with the title of Ultimate Big Eater. Google Image Search Junko Achisage Kanji
Momoko Akizuki Momoko Akizuki
(秋月 李胡)
  • Chinese volleyball female players
  • Orchestral performers
She is a volleyball player and a musician (?). Google Image Search Momoko Akizuki Kanji
Ami Shijou (砥上阿水) Ami Shijou
(砥上 阿水)
Gensomura Note: Mostly uncommon.
  • Display photos of a samurai's armor
  • Pictures of food -- particularly desserts, soups, and a sushi
She is a samurai and a "big eater". Google Image Search Ami Shijou Kanji
Yuuko Onouchi Yuuko Onouchi
(斧内 夕湖)
Megy Teckhonia
  • Pictures of axes and hatchets -- due to having a kanji for "axe" () on her surname
  • Pictures of some food -- particularly grilled beef steak
She is a berserker. Google Image Search Yuuko Onouchi Kanji
Rin Namazui - 鯰井鱗 Rin Namazui
(鯰井 鱗)
  • Photos of a certain person caught a large catfish -- due to having a kanji for "catfish" () on her surname
She hunts (and eats) catfish. Google Image Search Rin Namazui Kanji
Usagi Hotoke Usagi Hotoke
(仏 菟)
  • Photos of Buddhist shrines and statues -- due to having a kanji for "Buddha" () as her surname
  • Screencaps from the anime Sound! Euphonium
She is a Buddhist. Google Image Search Usagi Hotoke Kanji
Yuuko Hoshizora Yuuko Hoshizora
(干昊 鮪子)
Gensomura & Megy Teckhonia
  • Seiko watches
  • Photos related to a tuna fish (such as a tuna canned fish and cooked and/or a recently caught fresh raw tuna) -- due to having a kanji for "tuna" () on her given name
  • Pictures of food
She is a "big eater" -- possibly her most favorite food is tuna. She's probably an avid fan of wearing a watch. Google Image Search Yuuko Hoshizora Kanji
Saika Kirigaya Saika Kirigaya
(錐屋 菜茄)
Gensomura & Brook
  • Pictures of food -- particularly dishes that are made from Chinese eggplants, as well as a fresh eggplant -- due to having a kanji for "eggplant" () on her given name
She is an eggplant eater. Therefore, this phenomena leads to the so-called "eggplant force feed" gag. Google Image Search Saika Kirigaya Kanji

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