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Koiko Uruma
閠間 鯉娘
Koiko Uruma - 閠間鯉娘
Koiko in Kisekae, she also has a magical wand wielded.


June 11, 2000 (age 15)
Wakayama, Japan


Gemini (♊)


Hinode, Tokyo, Japan




Dere Type(s)

  • Hajidere
  • Tsundere (possibly)

Koiko Uruma (閠間 鯉娘 Uruma Koiko?) is a Japanese OC by Megy Teckhonia. She was a mascot of the Community Plaza Wiki from March 7, 2016 to May 12, 2016.


Koiko's appearance has light cobalt blue eyes, very long raspberry hair with twin-tied bangs on her front and raspberry eyebrows. She also has a twin of purple hair bows tied at the back. She often seen in her school uniform—which consists dark indigo with an orange tie scarf, and dark indigo skirt. She is also wearing an orange necklace with purple accessories on it. In most of times, she wields a magical wand.

Her casual shirt is light pink with hot pink around the sleeves and bottom edges. Her skirt is normal pink with dark purple fluff around the bottom. She wears light purple socks and light pink and normal purple sneakers. She usually wears this on weekends.


She is a cheerful, but a little shy, polite magical girl that can make her situations easier with her. Compared to Star Butterfly and Clownpiece, she can also do magical powers too.

In the Community Plaza fanon

Koiko lives in Room 83 in Community Hotel, her room is filled in dark indigo walls and her bed. While inside, she do magic tricks with her signature wand.


There's a Japanese-Vietnamese restaurant named Phở Koiko, which was named after her. In the Community City, the restaurant is located at the Community Mall's basement floor, which is the Food Court floor area.

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