Kotoko Utsugi
空木 言子
Kotoko Utsugi
Kotoko Utsugi 3D model!


Monaka Towa
Nagisa Shingetsu
Masaru Daimon
Jataro Kemuri



Personal cars

  • 2012 Sokudo Renard

Kotoko Utsugi (空木 言子 Utsugi Kotoko?) is a character featured in Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls.

Kotoko is one of the five members of the Warriors of Hope, in charge of the "Fighter" class. She has the title of Li'l Ultimate Drama (超小学生級の「学芸会の時間」 Chō Shōgakusei Kyū no “Gakugeikai no Jikan”?).

More information will be coming soon!


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