Kyoko Toshino
歳納 京子



Kyoko Toshino (歳納 京子 Toshinō Kyōko?) is a Yuru Yuri character.


Kyoko is an upbeat, loud, and kind, albeit selfish, person. She is often bothering Yui and crushing on Chinatsu (initially because of her similarity with Mirakurun in appearance). She is lazy and dislikes studying, but is a talented and applied artist. Despite her lazy attitude, she often gets high scores in tests after cram sessions and is also a talented dōjinshi artist. She likes rum raisin ice cream and a magical girl character known as Mirakurun, from an anime that she likes. She is also a hardcore Otaku, and prioritizes her dōjinshi over studying.

When she was little, her personality was very different, as she was timid, quiet and easily upset (as revealed in Season 1 Episode 11). This changed dramatically at an unknown point. She is known to steal Akari's role as the main protagonist.

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