What!? I've never heard this kind of story before!

This article or section contains major spoilers to the canon story or fanfiction. Please read at your own risk if you know the vital information on the plot or elements in the story.

Misato Kurasaki
倉嵜 箕郷

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Misato Kurasaki (倉嵜 箕郷 Kurasaki Misato?) is an OC.


Misato has short lavander hair. She has dark purple eyes. She often wears a red sweater with a seifuku.


When Misato was first spawned, she was extremely dumb. After 2 months of attending school, Misato is finally at least half smart than she was when she was first spawned. Misato is very powerful. She has a fear of animals. Misato is very protective of people. Misato usually tries to bring joy to the world.


Misato was spawned by Mikiasa. Misato was very dumb at first, but she started attending Mikiasa's school and she became smarter.


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