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Mizuki Shinju
真珠 満月
Mizuki Shinju²
Mizuki's casual clothes.


Shinju Mizuki




Daichi Souma


20 February

Astrological Sign



Seitekina Taiyo


Aoikyodaina Uminooto

Mizuki Shinju (真珠 満月 Shinju Mizuki?), called Mizuki-chan by her friends (and Snowflake-chan by Daichi Souma) is an OC made by NyanTheCatAnimatronic and shared with Igor the Mii.


Mizuki is not so tall and not so tiny. She have white curly hair and red eyes. She uses two black ribbons or an blue ribbon and she wears a purple kimono when home.


Mizuki is a shy little nerd astronomist. She runs the family's observatory.


Mizuki Shinju (formerly Mizuki Ni-Ling Hao) was adopted by a rich lesbian couple, Tsuki and Tsiyo Shinju (formerly, Tsiyo Kiteki.)

Before that, Mizuki was the former daughter of Mira and Yan Ni-Ling Hao, that abandoned her in a trash because she refused to kill someone (they were criminals.) She was discovered a day after by police officers.

Mizuki loved to see the stars... she asked for her adoptive mothers to teach her astronomy. Since then, she's the former owner of the Shinju's Observatory.

Her crush on Daichi started when she found him sleeping on the Observatory's door. He, flirtatious, woke up saying that 'i saw such a beautiful human snowflake here' and 'i'm astounded, this may be the paradise, because i'm looking at the pretty girl again'. She, blushing, showed him her family's mansion and talked a lot. She's aware of Aoikyodaina Uminooto crushing on him.

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