Nico's Credit Card! is the 8th episode of The Misadventures of Nico Yazawa.


Nico finds a discarded credit card, and begins using it over again for stuff she wants.


The μ's

Supporting/Minor Characters


  • [The episode opens with Nico walking down the quiet streets of Japan, Nico finds a discarded credit card]
  • Nico: "Huh?"
  • [She picks it up and the credit card has "Infinite Money!" written on it.]
  • Nico: "Infinite money huh? I AM SO RICH NOW!"
  • [Nico smiles]
  • [Nico goes to GameStop]
  • Nico: "Hello cashier! May i buy a New 3DS with Smash Bros for 3DS with my Infinite Credit Card?"
  • GameStop Cashier: "Huh?"
  • GameStop Cashier: "Sure."
  • [Nico buys the 3DS, then she buys her own mansion after some minutes.]
  • Nico: "I got a cool house and it's much more better than Maki's trashy home."
  • [Leo is carefully watching Nico from a nerby bush]
  • Leo: [whispers to self] "Oh no."
  • Nico: "Now, i am going to buy Otonokizaka High School!"
  • [Nico goes to Otonokizaka High School]
  • [Principal Minami is on her room,  sitting on her desk]
  • [Nico comes to Principal Minami's room]
  • Nico: "Hey Principal! May i buy this school with my infinite credit card?"
  • Principal Minami: "No."
  • Nico: "WHY CAN'T I BUY IT?!"
  • Principal Minami: "You're not going to buy this school."
  • [Nico puts a Hornet's Nest with a swarm of Hornets onto Principal Minami's head]
  • Nico: "That's what you get for not letting me buy this motherf*cking school!"
  • [An Arrow breaks though the window]
  • Nico: "What the-" 
  • [Niles breaks though the already-broken the window.]
  • Niles: "What you think you're DOING?!"
  • [Nico buys Otonokizaka High School]
  • Nico: "I am now the principal of this school!"
  • [Nico turns on the announcements]
  • Nico: [In Announcements] "Hello! This is Principal Nico speaking! Today Otonokizaka High School will be demolished! Run for your lives!"
  • [YutaAsahina and NagisaShingetsu bust down the principal's door after finding out about the infinite credit card, and they walk in and they're both wielding guns.]
  • [Nico gulps.]
  • [Nico jumps off to the window, then she hits into a nearby tree, causing a Wasp's Nest to fall onto Nico's head and sting her head]
  • Nico: "OUCH OUCH OUCH!!! I HATE WASPS!!!!! GET IT OFF ME!!!!!"
  • NagisaShingetsu: "Give my brother the credit card now, it's over."
  • Niles: "Yes. Give him his brother's credit card back."
  • [Nico gets the Wasp's Nest out of her head]
  • Niles: "Or i'll shoot you in the head with my bow and arrow."
  • [Nico's head feels swollen because of the Wasps' stinging]
  • Nico: "Ouch! My head feels swollen!"
  • Niles: "C'mon, give it back to NagisaShingetsu."
  • [Nico cries, and she gives it to NagisaShingetsu]
  • [Principal Minami's head also feels swollen because of the Hornets' stinging]
  • Niles: "What we do with her now?"
  • Principal Minami: "My head feels swollen..."
  • [Compa and Eirin appear behind Principal Minami]
  • Principal Minami: "What are you gonna do guys?"
  • Eirin: "We're trying to heal the swelling."
  • [Nico runs off to Maki's Mansion]
  • Nico: "So long suckers!"
  • [Eiki Shiki appears in Nico's way]
  • Nico: "What the heck?! I hope you do not have another Wasps' Nest!"
  • Eiki: "Not that, you stole a credit card from someone. That's aganist the law."
  • [Nico runs into Maki's house anyway]
  • [Maki comes over]
  • Maki: "Hey what's going..."
  • [Nico puts a Wasps' Nest onto Maki's head]
  • Maki: "AAAAAAHHHH!!"
  • [Nico points and laughs at Maki]
  • [Hecatia pops up from a nerby bush and attacks Nico]
  • Hecatia: "DON'T ATTACK MAKI-CHAN!"
  • Nico: "Heh! What are you gonna do? Put a Wasps' Nest on my head?!"
  • [Hecatia takes the Wasps' net out of Maki's head and puts it on Nico's head.]
  • Hecatia: "No."
  • [Nico gets the Wasps' Nest out of her head, and her head is swollen even more than before]
  • [A swarm of wasps are chasing Nico]
  • [Nico runs away]
  • [Some minutes later Cotaro accidentally Tranquilizes Nico with a Tranquilizer gun]
  • Cotaro: "Oopsies, i did it again..."
  • [Nico faints.]
  • [Honoka and the other μ's members walk towards Cotaro and Nico.]
  • Honoka: "Uh, What the heck happened to Nico?"
  • [Niles, Hecatia and Eiki run into Honoka]
  • Niles: "She was attacked by wasps."
  • [Nico wakes up]
  • Nico: "So guys, what's gonna happen to my mansion now?!"
  • Niles: "It's the Sakurada Brothers' mansion now."
  • [The episode ends with Nico crying]

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