Nico's Day Off! is the 2nd episode of The Misadventures of Nico Yazawa.


Nico decides to skip school and get a day off, but soon gets in trouble with her mother.


The μ's

Supporting/Minor Characters


  • [The episode opens at Nico's bedroom]
  • [Nico fakes sick to get attention from her mother.]
  • Nico: "Mom! I'm having fever!"
  • [Nico's Mother comes to Nico's room]
  • Nico's Mother: "What is it young lady?"
  • Nico: "I have a fever..." [She fakes a sneeze]
  • Nico's Mother: "Oh...!"
  • Nico: "So mom, can you buy me new video games for me before i have a fever forever?"
  • [Nico shows her cute cat eyes]


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