Nico's Fidget Spinner! is the 18th episode of The Misadventures of Nico Yazawa.


Nico finds out that everyone has a Fidget Spinner except herself, so she tries to buy one.


The μ's


  • [The episode opens with the Muse playing with Fidget Spinners, whose colors have their trademark colors (I.E Honoka's being Orange)]
  • [Nico walks in.]
  • Nico: "What the hell are you playing with guys?!"
  • Hanayo: "F-fidget spinners."
  • Honoka: "They are the new fad in the moment!"
  • Nico: "They sound boring!"
  • [Nico wedgies Hanayo]
  • Hanayo: "HELP!"
  • [Nico throws Hanayo out of the Idol Club Research room]
  • Honoka: "You never learn..."
  • [The muse looks away]
  • [Nico goes back home when school is over]
  • Nico: "Hey Mom, can I get a Fidget Spinner please?"
  • Nico's mom: "Sure!"
  • [They go to the store]
  • Nico: "I want the pink one!"
  • Nico's mom: It costs 1,240 yen.
  • [suddenly, Maki appears.]
  • Nico: "But mom, I want the Pink one please!
  • Nico's mom: "Sure-"
  • Maki: "HOLD IT!"
  • Nico: "WHAT THE HELL MAKI?!"
  • Maki: [to nico's mom] "I'm afarid your daughter has wedgied Hanayo and threw her outside of a room."
  • [Nico throws Maki away too]