Nico goes Street Racing is the 17th episode of The Misadventures of Nico Yazawa.


Nico decides to have a street race competition with Kyoko Toshino after somehow getting a driver's license, but things go bad when the police notice.


The μ's



  • [The episode opens with Nico laying on the couch]
  • Nico: "Man! I am so bored!"
  • [Someone knocks on the door, Nico goes to open it, revealing a Coated Magician]
  • Coated Magician: "You are bored?"
  • Nico: "Yes, i am."
  • [The Coated Magician casts a spell that creates a driver's license to Nico.]
  • Coated Magician: "You have a Driver's license now."
  • [The Coated Magician casts a spell to teleport away. Nico looks at her driver's license.]
  • [Nico calls Kyoko Toshino on her iPhone and asks if she wants to go street racing]
  • Nico: [on phone] "Hey Kyoko-chan! Do you want to go Street racing?"
  • Kyoko: [on phone] "You don't even have a car!"
  • Nico: [on phone] "Well, i could use my mom's car."
  • Kyoko: [on phone] "Are you sure?"
  • Nico: [on phone] "I am sure."
  • [Nico goes outside and goes into her mom's car]
  • Nico: [still on phone] "And Kyoko, do you have your own car or one of your parent's cars?"
  • Kyoko: [still on phone] "Well, im gonna go to my dad's car!"
  • [Kyoko drives to Nico's location with her dad's car]
  • Nico: "Now let's go street racing shall we?"
  • [Lakitu appears, and he hovers above and front of Nico and Kyoko]
  • [The red light goes to orange, and the orange goes to green which means GO!]
  • [Nico and Kyoko race in their cars]
  • Nico: "An item box!"
  • [Nico hits the item box]
  • [Nico gets the Banana Peel and drops it in front of Kyoko]
  • Kyoko: "BANANA!"
  • [Kyoko runs into the Banana and she spins]
  • [Kyoko hits the item box and recieves a "Starman"]
  • [ The Starman theme plays and Kyoko runs to Nico]
  • Nico: "HEY! YOU CHEATED!"
  • [Nico hits the item box and recieves a Bullet Bill item and transforms into a Bullet Bill]
  • [However, Police Cars begins to appear]



  • This is one of the few episodes where Nico Yazawa gets arrested.

Cultural References

  • This episode references the Mario Kart series.

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