Nico goes to the Movies again! is the 41st episode of The Misadventures of Nico Yazawa.


The μ's once again decide to go to the movies, everyone wants to see Zootopia except Nico, who wanted to see Sausage Party instead.


The μ's


  • [The episode starts in Eli Ayase's house]
  • Eli: "Hey guys, were going to the movies!"
  • Honoka: "Really? Yay!"
  • Nico: "I wonder what we'll watch!"
  • Honoka: "Yeah!"
  • Nico: "So Eli-chi, can I go watch the new kids' movie Sausage Party when we get to the cinemas?"
  • [Eli can't help but giggle at that.]
  • Eli: "Sorry, but it's an actually an adult movie."
  • Nico: "But the 3D animation! So that means it's for kids!"
  • [The muse laughs at that.]
  • Nozomi: "That's funny!"
  • Nico: "So guys, can I still watch Sausage Party for poor Nico please?"
  • Hanayo: "W-we should watch Zootopia..."
  • Nico: [Pushes Hanayo off the chair] "Oh puh-lease! Zootopia is for dumb babies anyways."
  • [Hanayo shrieks and begins to sob.]
  • Nico: "See? That's what you get for trying to watch a movie for dumb babies!"
  • [The muse glares at Nico]
  • Maki: "That wasn't nice!"
  • [When they went to the Cinemas...]
  • Nico: "Now I am gonna watch Sausage Party..."
  • [Nico puts a cardboard cutout of her and puts a speakerbox behind it that keeps saying "Nico Nico Nii" and Nico sneaks to see "Sausage Party"]
  • [Nico sits down next to Takane Shijou]
  • Nico: [Whispers to herself] "I hope the cardboard cutout trick works"
  • [Cut to the other Muse members]
  • [The speakerbox of the nico cutout keeps saying 'Nico Nico Nii']
  • Honoka: "Nico, will you cut it out?! It's getting annoying!"
  • [The speakerbox continues]
  • Eli: "Wait a minute, that's not the real Nico, that's a cardboard cutout of her!"
  • Nozomi: "That means she's in another cinema room!"
  • [The muse destroy the cardboard cutout of Nico and go to the cinema room showing Sasuage Party.]
  • [Nico gasps]
  • Nico: "But, How?!"
  • Eli: "We noticed a cardboard cutout of you."
  • Nico: "KARATE TIME!"
  • [Nico karate chops Eli, but Takane notices Nico and holds Nico's hand]
  • [Takane Slams Nico to the floor]
  • [Nico uses Clock Out on Muse and Takane, but fails]
  • [The Muse beat Nico up]
  • [The Super Mario Bros Game Over theme plays and the episode ends]

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