Nico goes to the Movies for the third time! is the 56th episode of The Misadventures of Nico Yazawa.


All of the Muse members want to see Cars 3, except for Nico, who wanted to see IT, an R-Rated movie instead.


  • [The episode opens at Nico's house]
  • Honoka: "Were going to go to the movies again guys!"
  • Nico: "Ok, thanks for that. I wonder what movie we will watch this time."
  • Honoka: "Were gonna watch Cars 3!"
  • Nico: "Honoka, can I watch IT while you guys watch Cars 3?"
  • Honoka: "NOPE! IT is rated R, you idiot!"
  • [Meanwhile, the Muse goes to the Cinemas, even the Aqours]
  • Nico: "Honoka, may I go to the bathroom please?"
  • Honoka: "Ok, but be quick right now. Besides you had to."
  • Nico: "Ok, thanks."
  • [Nico then leaves. Then for some reason, Elijah Eubank shows up along with Rikku Kinokan, Midori Suna, and Loki Hantai.]
  • Elijah: "Heya, girls. We came to see Cars 3."
  • Rikku: "And also, where is Nico anyway?"
  • Honaka: "I thought she's at the bathroom, but where is she really?"
  • [Nico sneaks into the Cinema room showing "IT"]
  • Nico: "Heh heh heh heh. They'll never find me here."
  • Dia: "I think she snuck into the Cinema room showing the movie "IT"!"
  • Elijah: "She's watching "IT"? I don't believe it! That movie's rated R! It's too dangerous for anyone younger than those who are watching R-rated movies!"
  • Midori: "And that includes me too."
  • Elijah: "That too. Well, aside from that, and couldn't be too off-topic, but which one of you gals is gonna be with me seeing Cars 3 on cinema?"
  • [They go to the Cinema room showing "IT"]
  • Nico: "Wait a minute, how did you find me here?"
  • Honaka: "We all thought you were in the bathroom."
  • [Nico karate kicks Honoka in the face]
  • Honaka: "Ouch! Why would you do that?"
  • Nico: "Because I did so."
  • Honaka: "Why that's not nice."
  • Elijah: "You know what? You need to stop sneaking out to watch some R Rated flick. In fact, you're supposed to watch Cars 3 on Cinema."
  • [Nico gets out a pistol and shoots the Muse and Aqours]
  • Midori: Ok, now I'm just gonna call the police.
  • [Nico gets out her robot as a decoy]
  • Elijah: "Ok then, now get this, Rikku, Midori, and Loki, go stop Nico while I go and ressurect the Muse and Aquors."


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