Nico the Waiter! is the 36th episode of The Misadventures of Nico Yazawa


Nico overthrows Umi's job at a Sushi Joint and Nico decides to take over Umi's position.


The μ's


  • Yuyuko Sagiyouji
  • Takane Shijou
  • Effie (Fire Emblem Fates)
  • Gourmet Guy
  • Iori Minase


  • [The episode opens with Umi serving Sushi to the customers in the Sushi Joint]
  • [Nico is under the table and drops a banana peel and when Umi walked into the peel, she obviously slips as a result]
  • [Nico takes over Umi's position]
  • [Nico goes to Hanayo's table]
  • Nico: "What would you like nerd?"
  • Hanayo: "U-uhmm...rice."
  • [Cut to a few moments later on, when Nico finishes cooking the rice, then she comes to Hanayo's table and splatters it all over her face]
  • Hanayo: "AHHH!" [she begins to cry, Yuyuko glares at Nico.]
  • [Nico goes to Gourmet Guy's table]
  • Nico: "And what would you like fat-ass?"
  • Gourmet Guy: "Cake!"
  • [Nico goes to the kitchen, and normally makes the cake until she adds soap into the cake, turning it into Soap Cake. She then returns to Gourmet Guy's table and she splatters the Soap Cake on Gourmet Guy's face, angering him.]
  • Gourmet Guy: "Who hired you?! I'm going to sue this place!"
  • [Nico goes to Rin Hoshizora's table]
  • Nico: "What would you like Cat-Woman? Geddit, cause of the Catwoman from the DC comics?"
  • [Rin can't help but giggle a bit.]
  • Rin: "Ramen, nya!"
  • [Nico goes to the kitchen, and makes Ramen, and puts some cat fur/hair on Rin's Ramen, and gives it to Rin]
  • Nico: "BON APETIT!"
  • [Rin tries to eat the ramen, but has an allergy attack]
  • [Nico laughs at Rin Hoshizora, much to the dismay of Takane, Yuyuko, and Effie]
  • Effie: "What the hell is up with Nico?"
  • [Nico goes to Iori Minase's table]
  • Nico: "What would you like?"
  • Iori: "I'm sueing this place."
  • [Mere moments later, we see the FBI surronding the joint]
  • Nico: "Why is there FBI sueing this Sushi joint?!"
  • Iori: "They came after you. Misthreating customers."
  • Takane: "That isn't nice, Nico."
  • Nico: "Time to unleash my Karate skills since childhood."
  • [Nico tries to karate chop Takane, but is stopped by Takane, who proceeds to slam Nico into the floor]
  • Nico: "Oh well, time to RUN LIKE HELL!"
  • [Nico puts a cardboard cutout of her in front of the crowd, but the crowd goes after Nico]
  • [They eventually catch Nico]
  • Iori: "No one here is stupid."
  • [Nico gets sent to jail]
  • [Some minutes later at the jail...]
  • [The Muse arrives...]
  • Nico: "Yay! My friends are going to bail me out of this hellhole!"
  • Honoka: "Not quitely, we're actually glad you're on jail."
  • Nico: "Why are you glad that I am in Jail?!"
  • Honoka: "Crimes, you commited crimes."
  • [Nico uses a bomb and breaks out of jail, only to be thrown back at jail and the jail being rebulit.]
  • Nico: "WHAT?!"
  • [The episode ends...]