Nicoka Kousaka is the 22nd episode of The Misadventures of Nico Yazawa.


After Nico double dared Honoka to roll down the stairs like a ball and broke her legs, Nico decides to be the replacement of Honoka.


The μ's


  • [Episode starts with Honoka and Nico at a skate park]
  • Nico: "Honoka, i dare you to roll down the stairs like a ball!"
  • Honoka: "Sure thing!"
  • [Honoka rolls down the stairs, she screams when she stops]
  • [Cut to the scene where Honoka is on a hospital bed with casts surrounding her legs]
  • Nico: "Oh man...i should've done that..."
  • Honoka: "Look at what you have done, Nico!"
  • Nico: "Uhhhh, i gotta go, run my errands"
  • [Nico runs off to Otonokizaka High School]
  • [Nico arrives with Honoka's hairstyle]
  • Nico: "Hey guys! I am Honoka Kousaka! I dyed my hair from ginger to black!"
  • Kotori: "You're not Honoka..."
  • Nico: "Ok guys! today, i called the audience to the stage, and we will sing a song!"
  • Nozomi: "Ok, what song?"
  • Nico: "The Chicken Dance!" [Nico does the chicken dance in front of the μ's]
  • Nozomi: "You're gonna make us look like fools, Nico!"
  • Nico: "I said i'm Honoka!"
  • Umi: "You're Nico, not Honoka."
  • Rin: "So Honoka, how did you get your hair dyed nya~?"
  • Nico: "I went to the salon!"
  • Rin: "Oh..."
  • Maki: "She's not Honoka, Rin-chan, she's Nico!"
  • Nico: "Ok guys! To the Auditorium room!"
  • [The μ's follow Nico in frustration]
  • Eli: "Sigh...Rin fell on it..."
  • [They go to the stage]
  • Nico: "Hello audience! I'm Honoka-chan!"
  • Audience Person 1: "You're actually Nico! Where's Honoka?"
  • Nico: "Who cares! let's do the chicken dance!"
  • [The μ's dance the chicken dance in frustration while Chicken Dance plays in front of the audience]
  • [The crowds boos]
  • Nico: "Why are you guys booing at us?!"
  • Audience Person 2: "Were leaving this dump, you ruined everything, Nico!"
  • [The Audience leaves]
  • Nozomi: "Good grief, Nico!"
  • Nico: "Why the audience is leaving?!"
  • Eli: "Because you ruined everything, Nico. I mean it.
  • [Meanwhile, at the Hospital...]
  • [Honoka sees the News that a Honoka Imposter (Nico Yazawa) ruins the μ's concert on the TV]
  • Honoka: "Nico, why?!"
  • [Honoka gets a quick recovery potion and quickly drinks it, which causes her to recover quickly]
  • Honoka: "Now I gotta fix the mess Nico caused!"
  • [Honoka runs to Otonokizaka High School.]
  • [Meanwhile at Otonokizaka High School...]
  • Nico: "μ's, buy me a brand new 3DS and Wii U for me since i am your leader now!"
  • Nozomi: "Stop being such an abusive leader!"
  • [Honoka runs into the room]
  • Nico: "H-Honoka, i can explain!"
  • [Honoka is clearly angry at Nico]
  • Nico: "Uh, wanna go to the skate park?"
  • Honoka: "No! Also you ruined our concert!"
  • Nico: "Oh puh-lease! it's just a stranger trying to ruin you and your friends!"
  • Honoka: "That stranger is you!"
  • Nico: "Hey, care for a free iPhone?"
  • [Nico throws the iPhone onto Honoka's face and runs off]
  • [The μ's chase Nico around the school]
  • Nico: "You will never take me aliv-" [Nico trips on the Trash Can and she falls into the trash can]
  • Nozomi: "She fell into the trash can!"
  • [Nico gets up and she's covered in trash]
  • [However...Nico trips on a trash bag and the trash bag pops on Nico]
  • Nico: "Ewwww!"
  • [The μ's laugh at Nico]
  • [The students at Otonokizaka High School laughs at Nico]
  • [Nico begins to cry]
  • [The episode ends]

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