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Nina Inabi
Нина Инаби
否火 蜷
Nina Inabi
Nina in Kisekae form.



League of High Class Villains






Nina Inabi (否火 蜷 Inabi Nina?, Russian: Нина Инаби) is Igor the Mii's OC. She is the owner of the Winter Icicle Shop, which sells Winter and Snow-related things.


She is a timid girl who struggles expressing her emotions, and she tends to shutter. Nina likes snow-related things. She happen to rest a lot in her room, making her seem a sleepyhead. Nina also has a intrest on fashion and dolls. She's anti-social and has low self confidence. Is sorta ashamed of her large bust. She also shows a bit of machoism. Suffers from Depression, although she tries to hide it. Will sometimes show a tsundere side.


Nina has short black hair. Her non-blind eye's pupil is purple while her blind eye's pupil is white. She wears a light blue eyepatch with a white heart over her blind eye. She wears a light blue sweater with a blue shirt under it. She has a long skirt which matches with her sweater. Both her bra and panties are light blue. She also wears light grey stockings as well greyish-purple boots with a bit of purple around the edges of the boots.


She and Iason Inabi were born in a small household in Russia, and Nina was born with one blind eye. When she was 4, she enjoyed playing in the snow, and she often had snowball fights with Iason. While she was 6, she had a best friend named Alice Ayasa, which was Elin Ayasa's Younger sister that had died in a car accident. This led Nina to spend an entire week depressed, after said week, Nina felt as she couldn't feel emotions anymore, which led to her schoolmates to call her "Kuudere girl", as Nina barely showed any emotion. She and her family moved to Japan at the age of 7, and moved to Buraza Town, when she met Seitekina Taiyo for the first time, it didn't take really long to she learn Seitekina is a pervert, Nina didn't really mind though, however, as the years passed, she slowly grew a crush on Seitekina, but didn't have the courage to tell him. She moved to Community City at the age of 16.

In the Community City



Seitekina Taiyo

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  • She is blind in one eye.