Nitori Kawashiro
河城 にとり



  • Eli Ayase (One sided from Eli, Nitori doesn't hate her)
  • Seitekina Taiyo (One sided from Seitekina, Nitori doesn't hate him)


Building, and Fixing Stuff


14 (in fanon)

Nitori Kawashiro (河城 にとり Kawashiro Nitori?) is a character from Touhou Project.


Nitori Kawashiro is the stage 3 boss from Touhou 10: Mountain of Faith. An engineer with an interest in humans, she believes that the kappa and the humans were ancient allies. The kappa of the Touhou universe are described as a race with advanced technology, demonstrated when the shy Nitori uses optical camouflage to conceal herself from the humans. As an engineer, she likes to take things apart and reassemble them again, so her clothes are packed with tools for this purpose.

In Fanon

FanonLand: Animated Series

Due to a incident, Seitekina and Eli dislike Nitori.

Nobuko Confused

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