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Neko no Animatoronikusu o Nyan


Sarah (real name)
Useless Shit (personal self-nickname)
Garbage (personal self-nickname²)
Nyan (Igor)
Demi Lovato (Cris Mattos)
Nyan-chan (Senpai)


31 March, ES, Brazil

Astrological Sign

Aries (♈)


Igor the Mii
Kasane Teto (rlly?)




Cosplay, manga (especially ecchi), not doing nothing, being an literal weeb, call herself garbage, call people that doesn't like anime garbage and much worse.


Elli (from HM:BTN) (formerly)
Her harem of husbandos (formerly)
Sailor Venus (formerly)
An beautiful senpai <3

NyanTheCatAnimatronic (猫のアニマトロニクスをニャン Neko no Animatoronikusu o Nyan?), known for her real name Sarah, is an brazilian user who is an total weeb, likes to mess with others and is seen to be a big fan of ecchi manga and pão de queijo (despite not being from MG.) WIP.

Fandomian history

Nyan started in the Fandom universe when 14, in the Five Night's at Freddy's Wiki BR. When there, she met many friends and has her own dreamy senpai. She was once a Chat Moderator, but gave up since she didn't have time for school and chat. She's still there, so visit her if you want to know more about the wiki.

She seems to like to RP, since she is on several RP/Fanon wikis. She came to Yandere Simulator Fanon Wiki by browsing in the Yandere Simulator Wiki and finding the link. She's still there, though she gave all her OCs in an rage quit.

One of her friends there, Igor the Mii, has shown her the link of this wiki on PM. She asked if she could join, and Igor asked if they could share their 3 OCs (that she gave to Igor), Mizuki, Aoikyo and Daichi. As a few days on this wiki, she asked several things about this community's main series, asking several times to participate on it even if she's got an answer millions of times.


People can describe her as 'an total weeb, addicted to anime and ecchi'. She claims to be an 'useless 16-year-old neko.' She's a big tsundere.


She's a generic girl (no offense.) Brown hair, brown eyes. She wears an black, yellow and red kimono that she claims very edgy (it is unknown why she uses it instead of an normal outfit.)

Kanji reviews

See also: Kanji naming lookup

Nyan is known for doing kanji reviews for the OCs. After Nyan made an OC named Naoto Takerachi, Megy Teckhonia led to correct her kanji (so that it will not to be confused with Naoko Takeuchi's kanji) on December 23, 2016. This led a favor to Google her newer kanji to show their random stuff images—such as pictures of food, but also any various stuff—such as pictures of makeup, Asian (mostly Chinese) people, QR codes, animals, flowers, etc. This applies to other people's OCs, depending on the images she found.


  • Her Japanese name, (ねこ)のアニマトロニクスをニャン, is a direct translation of her Wikia username.

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