Love Rival


Penelope (ペネロペ Penerope?) is the best friend of Mika and Mandy. She lives with Maki Senpaku. She is an orphan.


Penelope has long brown hair. She has brown eyes. She often wears a cute yellow coat and a yellow mini skirt.

Penelope's height is 4'8. She weighs 67 pounds.


Penelope is timid and quiet because of this, people do not see or notice her. If you get to know her, you will discover that she is a very caring person.


Mika Miyamoto

Mika is one of the only people who understand Penelope. Penelope and Mika have been best friends since Grade School. Mika and Penelope are always there for each other. They swore not to betray each other.


Penelope feels comfortable around Mandy because Mandy is calm and quiet. They are best friends. They swore not to betray each other. Penelope is willing to sacrifice her life to save Mandy's life. Penelope was depressed for a while after Mandy was forced to go to a high school.

Maki Senpaku

Maki was the one who took Penelope in after Penelope was abused by her relatives after her parents were killed in the year 2000. Maki swore to Penelope to take care of Penelope until she died. Although they are not related by blood, Penelope treats Maki like a mother.


Penelope and Merry are rivals. Merry often bullies Penelope and beats her up. Penelope often defends herself by tackling Merry. Penelope and Merry both love Juu.


Penelope is in love with Juu. Juu has saved Penelope's life about 3 times. Juu saved her when she was going to get hit by a truck, Juu saved her from Merry's punch and Juu saved her from a serial rapist. Penelope gets shy when she is around Juu. Penelope has no idea how to repay Juu.


  • Penelope likes cute stuff.
  • Penelope is a coward.

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