Each character has it's own point of view during the incident of Phantom Views of the Blue Sky, also known as Scenarios. This page has the story scripts for the scenarios.

Igor the Mii's Scenario

Fight Order

  1. Pingy Animatronic
  2. Brook
  3. Reimu Hakurei
  4. Marisa Kirisame
  5. Nozomi Toujou
  6. IF & Compa
  7. Seitekina Taiyo & Aya Shameimaru
  8. Nozomi Toujou & Komachi Onozuka
  9. Eli Ayase & Eiki Shiki
  10. Antasma & Arfoire

Stage 1: VS. Pingy Animatronic

  • Igor: [confused] "I honestly don't know, what was that witch and bat king?"
  • Igor: "I'll try to find the two as soon as possible!"
  • [Pingy Animatronic enters.]
  • Pingy: "I don't know who is the witch, but the bat king could be Antasma!"
  • Igor: "Pingy, you always think that."
  • Pingy: "I'm trying to solve this, and i'm gonna do it first!"


  • Igor: "So, where the two went?"
  • Pingy: "They went to that direction."
  • Igor: "Okay, thanks."


  • Pingy: "Now, stay out of this, i'll solve this by myself!"

Stage 2: VS. Brook


Stage 3: VS. Reimu Hakurei

  • Igor: "I suppose this is the right way."
  • Igor: "I'll find the two in time."
  • [Reimu Hakurei enters]
  • Reimu: "Wait, the "Shrine Maiden" of Community City is trying to solve this incident too?"
  • Igor: "Raymoo- I mean, Reimu, i don't need help."

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