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Pingy Animatronic
Pingy Kisekae

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Pingy Animatronic is an user of this wiki who likes doing RP's and making games inspired by actual ones, he is one of the throne protectors of Heaven in the fanon.

He is also an admin on this wiki.

He is voiced by Mona Marshall


  • He dislikes books, just like Igor.
  • He doesn't call Sophie a recolour.
  • It's rumored his nephews are Pingu and Pinga.
  • It is revealed that he actually has an N64 in roleplay stories.
  • Pingy is one of the few characters to have 2 running gags.
  • Pingy has a robot dog named Lukey.
  • He is one of the few Characters to be thrown in jail.
  • He is seen riding a electric shopping cart as a vehicle.
  • Pingy has the ability to disguise as numerous characters.
  • Pingy is seen to have a dislike on Littlest Pet Shop.
  • Igor introuced pingy to Touhou, Yandere Simulator, Vocaloid, Daganronpa, Undertale, Love Live! School Idol project, Hyperdimension Neptunia and K-ON.
  • If you laugh at Pingy, he will screech at you just like other Animatronics!
  • Pingy dislikes impatient people.
  • Pingy never interacts with Plankton5165.
  • Pingy has been shown to interact with Mametchi, as seen in GoGang: 8-Bits n' Pieces.

Running Gags

Pingy is seen riding numerous vehicles and goes to Lake Hoohaw as the wrong destination and crashes into other's houseboats causing them To sink especially one of Pingy's vehicles.

When Pingy is beaten up by villains, it causes his jaw to break.

Pingy holds deep love for his waifu, Matsuri (Angelina), who died many years prior.

His Frying Pan Boy form

He has the ability to turn into Frying Pan Boy. In this form, he whacks enemies with frying pans or launches at their faces.

File:Screenshot 248.png

Kisekae Code


Wiki History

Back on the GoAnimate V2 Wiki, he joined chat and said he would make a grounded video out of a "good user", Igor tried to stop him because he could be harassed by the "Good users", thankfully, he wasn't harassed when he made the video.


List of RP accounts

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