Princess Anastasia
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Princess Anastasia.

Love Interest

Woody Woodpecker (in Sarah West's fanfictions)





Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova is the main character and protagonist of 1997's Anastasia. She is based off of the real daughter of Tsar Nicholas II and his wife, Alexandra; the youngest sister of Grand Duchesses Olga, Tatiana and Maria; and the older sister of Tsarevich/Grand Duke Alexei. The real Anastasia was killed in 1918 during the execution of the Romanov family.


From quite early in the film, Anastasia is portrayed as bright, spunky, stubborn, serious-minded, tough, artistic, but very kind, affectionate, nice, altruistic, sweet-tempered, tidy, accountable, sympathetic, intellectual, astute and caring. She doesn't behave like royalty even though it runs in her blood. She also is a tomboy and a fighter.

She was always naturally independent, and had no problem speaking her mind or standing up for herself. However, she can appear to be insecure and shy at times, such as when Dimitri reveals that she would have to prove to Sophie and Marie that she is the Grand Duchess. According to Vladimir, she was quite notorious for her mischief among the palace staff during the Romanov reign.

One of Anastasia's most obvious personality traits is her high level of determination. As seen in the film, once Anastasia sets a goal for herself, she sticks to that goal until she is satisfied with her success, despite her frequent displays of insecurity. In this case, she was determined to find her family in Paris, and refused to stop until she succeeded.

She is also physically very strong; when she makes her deal with Dimitri she grabs his hand and shakes it with an iron grip.

In the fanon

In Sarah West's fanfiction, she would become Woody Woodpecker's love interest.

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