ProudAsian in real life.


  • YouTube (Goes by the name Anti western cosplayers)
  • DeviantArt (banned)
  • Crunchyroll (Goes by the name ProudAsianKid, banned)









Ranting on Americans, Europeans and Australians cosplaying as Anime characters

You racist westerners keep telling us Asians to let you racist westerners doing whatever you want with our Anime/Asian characters but why would we Asians let you racist westerners insult us Asians and ruining our Anime? No we Asians are not a bunch of retarded losers who will let you racist westerners doing whatever you want which insult us Asians and ruining our Anime. Go insult your own western race and ruin your own cartoon/western characters, we Asians don't care. Proud To Be Asian!


ProudAsian is a YouTube user who is a racist against people who are not Asian just because they like to cosplay as Anime/Manga characters. He runs a blog on Blogspot against Western people cosplaying anime/manga characters. He also says he wants to cosplay Sasuke Uchiha, but he looks NOTHING like him.

More info to come soon!

In the fanon

Community Plaza: The Series

If he sees you cosplaying as an anime/manga character when you're not Asian. He will rant about you and get agressive.

YutaAsahina: The Series

He will do the same thing as in the Community Plaza Series. Also in the Police Department to arrest street racers. Also abuses his police officer job by arresting western cosplayers.

Campaigns influenced by him

YutaAsahina's Anti-Ponification and Anti-GM Itasha campaign

YutaAsahina got some points that are similar to ProudAsian's about why westerners should not cosplay Anime/manga characters. YutaAsahina took them and edited them on why people should not ponify Anime/manga characters or put Itasha paintjobs on General Motors cars.

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