Psycho Nagisa clips IceCube3994's hair is the third episode of Psycho Yuta.



NagisaShingetsu clips IceCube3994's hair for an epic little thing.



Work in Progress!

This Story/Fanfiction is under progress. Feel free to add more dialogue lines as the Story/Fanfiction progresses.

  • [Mahiru is recording, she is going to NagisaShingetsu's room]
  • [Mahiru opens NagisaShingetsu's door]
  • [NagisaShingetsu gets his scissors]
  • NagisaShingetsu: Oh. Hi Mahiru.
  • Mahiru: So Nagisa, what are you gonna do with your scissors?
  • NagisaShingetsu: So, IceCube3994 is asleep. What I'm gonna do is cut his hair while he is asleep.


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