Puppet Incident! is a fanficton series/Community Plaza: The series spinoff written by Igor the Mii. It is based on Touhou Puppet Dance Peformance.

Summary of the Series

Puppets that looked like and had powers of residents of Community City begin to pop up, and It's up to Igor, Brook,  Pingy and the heroes to find out how this happened.

The Puppeteers' Teams

Igor the Mii

  • Power Seitekina Taiyo (Fire/Void)
  • Defense Nozomi Toujou (Sound/Illusion)
  • Speed Aya Shameimaru (Wind)
  • Assist Komachi Onozuka (Water/Nether)
  • Power Igor the Mii (Light/Fire)
  • Speed Marisa Kirisame (Light/Electric)

Irina Taiyo

  • Assist Maki Nikishino (Fighting/Sound)
  • Defense Irina Taiyo (Fire/Fighting)

Seitekina Taiyo

  • Power Eli Ayase (Light/Sound)
  • Speed Seitekina Taiyo (Fire/Light)

Pingy Animatronic

  • Speed Flandre Scarlet (Light/Dark)
  • Assist Honoka Kousaka (Sound/Void)
  • Power Pingy Animatronic (Ice/Steel)
  • Power Antasma (Dark/Nether)
  • Power Fawful (Illusion/Steel)


  • Defense Hina (Poison/Dark)

Nina Inabi

  • Power Cirno (Ice/Water)
  • Defense Letty Whiterock (Rock/Ice)
  • Assist Nina Inabi (Ice/Void)

List of Fanfictions

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