Saori Takebe
武部 沙織


Saori Takebe (武部 沙織 Takebe Saori?) is a Girls und Panzer character.


Saori is known for her cheerful and bubbly personality and also as a good chatter. She is interested in seeking out good-looking men to be her boyfriend, and claims to be an expert in the art of love and romance, but it is later revealed that she has never actually dated anyone, despite her enthusiasm and charm. She coined Miho 's nickname "Miporin" and is popular among the first year students of the Rabbit Team, toward whom she acts like a big sister. While she is usually the first to end up complaining about a given situation and undergo a change of mood among her team, she's also notably good at diverting negative thinking. Especially in the first episodes, she notices quickly when Miho is feeling uneasy and accordingly changes the subject to prevent her from being confronted with bad memories (e.g. when Miho states she isn't very talented in Sensha-dou compared to her sister and mother, when Ami Chōno asks Miho about her sister, or when Maho Nishizumi is interviewed in a TV show presented in the tank store). Generally, Saori seems to have a very good understanding of her comrades' emotions and is a trustful friend, often being the first to offer advice or support. Cooking and housekeeping are among her talents as well.