Splatoon's Shades of Red Ink is a series made by NyanTheCatAnimatronic.


Our story begins with humanity being erased from the world, and all colors mixing after a radioactive blast. This radiactive blast is responsible to create all types of inklings, orange to blue, and, unfortunately, the red ones.

Red inklings looked so much like octolings, since they're all female. The disturbed the peace for long, long times, by splatting red ink into all places saying 'Redz Rulez' (on an inkling glyph version.) After so much hate and mourne, they were all diluted... 

Unless by four Inklings.

The sufficient to make a team.

Mako (Maki-Maki), Tako, Yaki and an unknown inkling known as Inku-chan formed a mercenary team. Their colors were more crimson-like then every red inkling on Inkopolis. Every place they go, they are always successful. They soon was known as Team Crimson Red.

And our story begins again with a great adventure waiting fo this team.

The Cast

The Team Crimson Red

Mako (Maki-Maki) as the #1 Red Inkling Girl

  • Weapon:  Gold Dynamo Roller


  • Weapon: Aerospray RG


  • Weapon: Custom E-liter 3K

?o????k????a???ling (Inku-chan)

  • Weapon: Tri-Slosher Nouveau

The Enemies

  • ?T?????h?????I??????k????b???sh?????r and all it's Rad Inklingus and Zapfishos


  1. A Very Crimson Beggining
  2. Splatter House
  3. Mercenary Business 
  4. Working Up 
  5. Maki-Maki's Day Out! (Maki-Maki's filler)
  6. Cleaning all the Red Stuff
  7.  Follow the Light
  8. Oh, it's a Wonderful Inkling Life!
  9. Troublemaker (Yaki's Filler)
  10. Make it Rain
  11. Gotcha Business
  12. Rad Reddies
  13. Now Make it Splash Again
  14. It's a Beautiful Day Outside (Tako's Filler)
  15. Splat! Darned Spot!
  16. Ink Blow
  17. (Can you?) Hear our Song
  18. A????t???her???E???pi???s???de (?o????k????a???ling F??in??a?????le)


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