Stupidness Strikes!!! is the 80th episode of The Misadventures of Nico Yazawa.


After being grounded by her own Mother, Nico decides to feed her a stupid sushi.


The μ's



  • [The episode starts with Nico getting grounded by her mother for being blamed by Cotaro for breaking her expensive vase]
  • Nico: "But mom! my brother, Cotaro broke your expensive vase!!!!"
  • Cotaro: "Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!" [Cotaro laughs at Nico]
  • Nico's Mother: "You still broke my vase, Nico! Go to your room now!"
  • [Nico angrily walks to her bedroom]
  • Nico: "If there's another way to get revenge on my mom..."
  • [A lightbulb appears on top of Nico's head]
  • Nico: "That's it! I will feed her a stupid sushi!"
  • [Nico looks for her Stupid Sushi box, finds and gets the stupid sushi out of her Stupid Sushi box.]
  • Nico: "Now to feed her Stupid Sushi!"
  • [Nico gets out of her bedroom]
  • Nico's Mother: "Nico, what the hell are you doing outside of your bedroom?!"
  • Nico: "I just want to give you an apology gift." [Nico gives the stupid sushi to her mother]
  • Nico's Mother: "Oh?"
  • [Nico's mother eats the stupid sushi and then, she becomes stupid as a result]
  • Nico's Mother: "Durrr, Nico!"
  • [Felicia and Sakura are looking from outside, noticing what's happening.]
  • Felicia: "Oh no! Nico fed her mother a Stupid Sushi!"
  • Sakura: "Let's gather some Nohr Berries and Hoshido Peaches before it's too late!"
  • Nico: "Now i can go to Tokyo Disneyland, but first, i gotta text my friends and board a train!"
  • [Nico goes to the subway station and texts the μ's on her IPhone by saying "Hey guys! Wanna go to Tokyo Disneyland with me? Arrive at the subway station ASAP!!"]
  • [Sakura finds some Nohr Berries while following Nico, while Felicia finds some Hoshido Peaches while following Nico as well.]
  • Sakura: "Now we have to use them on Nico's Mother as soon we get the chance!"
  • Felicia: "I got it!"
  • [Nico boards the train to Tokyo Disneyland, so does Felicia and Sakura]
  • [After the riding the train...]
  • [Nico arrives at Tokyo Disneyland, where the other μ's members are]
  • Nico: "Hey guys! Thanks for arriving!"
  • Honoka: "Hello, Nico!"
  • [Felicia and Sakura arrive as well, Felicia is wearing Otonokizaka High School's School outfit instead of her maid outfit, in hopes of Nico of thinking that she's Eli.]
  • Felicia: "Hey Nico, Eli-chan here."
  • Nico: "Oh, hey Eli! So, what ride should we go first guys?"
  • Felicia: "I don't know." 
  • [Felicia walks towards Eli.]
  • Felicia: [whispers to Eli] "Hey Eli-chan, Nico has fed her mother Stupid Sushi, and i'm gonna need you to distract Nico while i feed her mother a Hoshido Peach, but please act like you don't know anything about this, okay?"
  • [Eli nods.]
  • [Felicia walks back towards Sakura's side.]
  • [Nico sees a person in a Mickey Mouse costume]
  • Nico: "MICKEY!"
  • [She runs into the person with Mickey Mouse costume, while Felicia gives Nico's mother a Hoshido Peach.]
  • [However, Nico decides to beat up the person with the Mickey Costume, and she steals the costume from him]
  • [Nico puts on the Mickey Mouse costume]
  • Nico's Mother: "Mmmmm....Peaches..."
  • [Nico's Mother eats the Hoshido Peach, therefore reverting the effects of the Stupid Sushi.]
  • Nico: "I gotta make sure Felicia doesnt notice me in a Mickey Mouse costume!"
  • [Nico runs around in Tokyo Disneyland]
  • Sakura: "SHE'S RUNNING!"
  • [Sakura, Nico's Mother and Felicia chase Nico.]
  • [Nico hides in Cinderella's Castle]
  • Nico: "I think i lost them..." 
  • [Felicia spots Nico.]
  • Felicia: "Found you!"
  • Nico: "Gaaah!"
  • [Felicia drags Nico to her mother and Sakura]
  • Nico: "Hey guys! it's me! Mickey Mouse!"
  • [Sakura takes the costume's head out.]
  • Nico's Mother: "Nico, Why we're on Tokyo Disneyland?!"
  • Nico: "Because i wanna have fun with my friends!"
  • Felicia: "And she fed you a Stupid Sushi so she could go to Tokyo Disneyland."
  • Nico's Mother: "We're going home, Nico!"
  • Nico's Mother: "Too bad! You're going home anyway!"
  • [Nico's mother drags Nico to the subway station]
  • [Nico cries like a baby]
  • Nico's Mother: "Too bad! And you're now grounded for 1 month and 3 weeks!"
  • [The other μ's members give an angry stare in front of Nico for sneaking out of her house]
  • [Nico's Mother and Nico step into the Train]
  • Felicia: "Looks like everything was solved!"
  • [However, Nico bites her mother's arm to escape]
  • Felicia: "Or not..."
  • [Felicia and Sakura step in the train and hold Nico as well]
  • Nico: "HONOKA! SAVE ME!"
  • Honoka: "No."
  • [The Train drives away.]
  • [After Nico, her mother, Sakura and Felicia ride the train...]
  • Felicia: "Bye Nico's mom! I'm going back to Tokyo DisneyLand with Sakura!"
  • [Nico's mother and Nico step out of her train, and the train once again drives away to Tokyo DisneyLand.]
  • [When they return back home...]
  • Nico's Mother: "Go to your room now!"
  • [The episode ends with Nico going to her room angrily]

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