Taiyo Shine! (太陽シャイン! Taiyō Shain!?) is a series written by the users Gensomura, Joseph pena, Megy Teckhonia, Mikan is Cute and PaperMarioFan2017. It is a spinoff of Liuri City Reshine!! with focus in the Taiyo Family.

Plot Sumary

It focuses on the lifes of the Taiyo Family.



  • Seitekina Taiyo: The Main protag of the series. A timid and somewhat perverted high school 18-years old student.
  • Atsuko Taiyo: The twin sister of Seitekina. Short-tempered, perversion-hating but flower-loving girl. Has a crush on another girl.
  • Aki Taiyo: The bright imouto. Is mainly postive and is willing to help her older siblings.


  • Akari Taiyo: A rumored-to-be the lost daughter of the Taiyo family.
  • Utsuho Reiuji: A Nuclear crow yokai who the family seems to show an intrest on.


Season 1

  1. Sunrise: Plot episode.