Tawagoto Nico
(こう) 乢筝

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Tawagoto Nico (仁光 乢筝 Nikō Tawagoto?) is a student at Dog Street High School.


Tawagoto has 2 brown pigtails and green eyes. She wears thigh high black stockings and her school uniform. She is completely flat chested.


Tawagoto is always kind, but when insulted, she insults you back and throws some punches. Tawagoto is often timid. She is very strong though. Tawagoto is a tsundere.


Chii Nico
Tawagoto and Chii are very close. Tawagoto always feels relief when she is around Chii. Tawagoto does not want to lose Chii. Tawagoto is VERY protective of Chii, and will hurt anyone who hurts Chii.
Haruhi Nico
Tawagoto and Haruhi are siblings. They often quarrel. Tawagoto is often humiliated by Haruhi. Tawagoto loves Haruhi regardless of how much Haruhi ships.

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